Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Toxicologist Warns Newly Re-Tooled COVID Jabs Contain SV40 Sequences Just Like the Polio Vaccine That Has Been Linked to Cancer

Joe Biden and his regime have been obsessed with the rollout of a new COVID vaccine, but some experts are warning that this injection is possibly contaminated with “dangerous lethal products” linked to previously known cancer-causing jabs. The FDA recently [...]

September 20, 2023 News

FDA Blindly Approves New COVID Jabs Which Might Be More Deadly Than The Originals

The FDA just authorized new COVID vaccine formulations but this batch of shots could end up being even more dangerous than the first ones! Moderna and Pfizer have been given the green light to pump their new injections into the [...]

September 12, 2023 News

Joe Biden’s Regime Gives Big Pharma $1.4 Billion in Taxpayer Funds to Develop Next Experimental COVID Injection for “What’s Right Around the Corner”

Even after Big Pharma giants raked in record profits throughout the course of the pandemic, Joe Biden and his government seem to think the pharmaceutical companies that have been poisoning us need MORE money. The Biden regime has announced they [...]

August 23, 2023 News

16-Year-Old Girl Denied a Lifesaving Lung Transplant Because She’s Not Vaxed

A 16-year-old girl in Sidney, Australia is fighting for her life right now. She has leukemia and it’s a really bad case. She needs a double lung transplant. St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sidney says that Dazelle Peters will just have [...]

August 4, 2023 News

Biden’s White House Threatened Facebook So They’d Change Their Algorithm to Boost Pro-Democrat, Pro-Vaccine Media Outlets Over The Daily Wire, Tomi Lahren

Joe Biden’s White House pressured Facebook into altering its algorithm with the specific intent of boosting the reach of their liberal media allies that were willing to spread COVID propaganda on their behalf. The revelation was made thanks to new [...]

August 4, 2023 News
Miscarriages & Maternal Deaths Skyrocketed in 2021 and the CDC Knew

Miscarriages & Maternal Deaths Skyrocketed in 2021 and the CDC Knew

Hundreds of American women experienced miscarriages on the same day that they received a “safe and effective” COVID vaccine, and the data has been hiding in plain sight in the VAERS system. Another disturbing data point is the fact that [...]

July 21, 2023 News

Hollywood Actress Opts for Assisted Suicide After Booster Shot Ruined Her Life

A model and Hollywood actress and model from Slovakia named Katerina Pavelak has opted for doctor-assisted suicide in a Swiss clinic after the COVID-19 vaccines and booster shot completely destroyed her health and her career. The actress may have survived [...]

June 26, 2023 News

Big Pharma Whistleblower SILENCED After Exposing U.S. Military Behind COVID Vaccine Development

Former Big Pharma executive Sasha Latypova turned whistleblower has exposed the fact that the U.S. military was involved in the creation and distribution of the dangerous COVID jabs, so naturally in this dystopian version of America we’re living in, she [...]

June 23, 2023 News

One of the ‘Safe and Effective’ COVID Vaccines is Officially Off the Market

Here’s a first for the pandemic. For once, we have good news and bad news to share about the COVID vaccines—instead of all bad news. The good news is that one of the COVID vaccines has been taken off the [...]

June 7, 2023 News
Report: Actor Jamie Foxx Blind & Paralyzed from Vaccine Induced Injury

Report: Actor Jamie Foxx Blind & Paralyzed from Vaccine Induced Injury

There are still many people out there who believe that we are peddling conspiracy theories about the COVID vaccines. They say that we are “misinformation spreaders” who are taking advantage of weird coincidences. This is wholly untrue. We keep hyping [...]

June 2, 2023 News