Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Joe Biden Authorizes His Personal Gestapo Squad, the FBI, to Assassinate Former President Donald Trump and Other MAGA Supporters

We’ve known for some time now that the FBI has been assassinating Trump supporters when it doesn’t have enough evidence to arrest them for something. Last year, we highlighted three different Trump supporters from around the country who were slaughtered [...]

May 22, 2024 News

Biden DOJ Caught Tampering with Evidence in Trump Classified Documents Case

Joe Biden’s personal attack dog, Jack Smith, admitted that key evidence in the classified documents case has been tampered with to try and frame Trump. Special Counsel Jack Smith confessed that the trump-hating FBI had messed with the boxes of [...]

May 6, 2024 News

Whistleblower Reveals How Biden’s FBI is Teaching Agents that Pro-Life Conservatives are the Biggest Threat to America

Former FBI special agent turned whistleblower, Steve Friend, has revealed that the far-left federal agency is training agents to treat “pro-lifers” as a BIGGER THREAT than Islamic terrorists! Friend revealed that our own government has turned against the Christian majority [...]

April 9, 2024 News

FBI Warns Joe Biden’s Border is Helping ISIS Terrorists Invade America

As Joe Biden and his fellow open-border loving Democrats continues to let just about anybody walk right over our southern border, ISIS has been taking advantage in a DANGEROUS warns FBI Director Christopher Wray. During a recent Senate Intelligence Committee [...]

March 12, 2024 News

Leftwing Reporter Arrested for Hacking and Leaking Tucker Carlson Clips

A leftwing reporter from Tampa, FL, has been arrested on 14 counts of hacking and disseminating stolen materials online in 2023. Prosecutors say that Tim Burke, a former editor for leftist publications like Vox, is the person who stole and [...]

February 23, 2024 News

FULL BLOWN COVERUP! DOJ Arrests Whistleblower Who Exposed Biden’s Bribes

If there was ever any doubt that the DOJ is anything but Joe Biden and the Democrats’ personal gestapo, that doubt has just been ELIMINATED COMPLETELY. The whistleblower who came forward to reveal that the Biden’s took at $10 million [...]

February 16, 2024 News

Government Provided with Cold-Hard Evidence of Voter Fraud TWO DAYS After 2020 Election – Buried It as they Threw People in Prison for Questioning Results

Government officials were notified of legitimate election fraud having taken place in the 2020 election – and instead of acting to cure it, they simply ARRESTED anybody who wanted to do anything about the fraud! Specifically in the state of [...]

February 4, 2024 News

Historic Blowout in Iowa as Voters See No Other Option to Stop Biden Tyranny

It was appropriate that the Iowa caucuses fell on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day this year. King once gave a speech on the Washington Mall that was viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. In response to that speech, the [...]

January 16, 2024 News

15-Year-Old Traditional Catholic Targeted and Arrested by the FBI

Remember when that FBI memo was leaked to Congress, targeting Traditional Catholics as “domestic terrorists” and “white supremacists?” FBI Director Christopher Wray claimed that he was “appalled” by the memo. He said that it was the work of a lone [...]

December 1, 2023 News
FBI Still Won’t Return Stolen Trump Supporters’ Safety Deposit Box Contents

FBI Still Won’t Return Stolen Trump Supporters’ Safety Deposit Box Contents

Back in March of 2021, one of the first actions of Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland was to have the FBI conduct a raid on one of the wealthiest safe deposit box companies in a Trump-supporting area in Beverly [...]

September 26, 2023 News