Monday, December 4, 2023
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Jack Smith Subpoenaed Every American Who Retweeted Donald Trump’s Messages

There is no threat out there in the world that is more dangerous than the US federal government turning against its own citizens. Nothing. Not China. Not Russia. Not Iran. History shows that when government corruption goes this far, the [...]

November 29, 2023 News
Trump’s Team Screening an Army of Loyalists for His Triumphant Return Next Year

Trump’s Team Screening an Army of Loyalists for His Triumphant Return Next Year

Most of us on the political right are able to admit that Donald Trump’s biggest weakness during his first term was personnel. His team was terrible at finding good people. Just look at how many of them stabbed him in [...]

November 22, 2023 News

Democrat Billionaire George Soros to Unleash Unprecedented Election Interference Operation to Stop Donald Trump from Winning in 2024

George Soros has been the evil puppet master pulling the strings behind elections in America for quite some time and everything suggests he’s going ALL IN on rigging 2024 to help the Democrats stay in power. Soros, the far-left radical [...]

November 20, 2023 News

Star Witness Against Trump Collapses in New York but Judge Still Won’t Dismiss Case

Disgraced former attorney, serial liar, and convicted criminal Michael Cohen is the star witness of Attorney General Letitia James in New York. That’s the case where Trump allegedly overvalued his properties to secure loans that he paid back, and in [...]

November 8, 2023 News

Leftwing Half-Nude NY Selfie Judge Goes Bonkers, Screams at Trump’s Legal Team

Who’s up for some half-nude selfies of the crazy old judge in President Donald Trump’s fake New York property valuation case? Yeah… we weren’t either. Not that we’re surprised that New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron is a bit [...]

November 8, 2023 News

Black Lives Matter Founder Backs Trump Amid Fears Biden and Dems Mad with Power

Joe Biden and the Democrats have so blatantly weaponized the Justice Department to do their bidding that now even some of the most far-left Americans are realizing things are getting really scary in America. That includes one of the co-founders [...]

November 3, 2023 News

DOJ Spied On Congress During Congressional Investigation Into Them for Their Part in Rigging the 2016 Election Against Trump

By now it’s been exposed to the masses that the crooked FBI was involved in the creation of the Russia-collusion narrative, but a new revelation reveals that this web of corruption goes even DEEPER than we originally thought. Back in [...]

October 25, 2023 News

Biden’s Hopes of A Second Term Slip Away with This Crushing News

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. officially decided to dump the Democratic party, opting instead to run for president as an independent in 2024 – and if history is any indicator, he just GUARANTEED the Democrats a devastating loss! “I’m here to [...]

October 10, 2023 News
Club for Growth Surrenders, Admits It Can’t Lay a Glove on Donald J. Trump

Club for Growth Surrenders, Admits It Can’t Lay a Glove on Donald J. Trump

After wasting $6 million to try to get you to abandon your support for Donald Trump in 2024, the Club for Growth is throwing in the towel. David McIntosh, the co-founder of Club for Growth, has admitted to the group’s [...]

September 29, 2023 News

Another Biden Bribe Exposed So Judge Issues Shocking Ruling against Trump

Without even having a trial and with no jury present, a judge in the NY Attorney General Letitia James lawsuit against Donald Trump has handed down a shocking ruling. It’s hard to even express how outlandishly illegal Judge Arthur Engoron’s [...]

September 27, 2023 News