Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Trump’s Legacy: Supreme Court Strikes a Blow for American Gun Rights

Even if Donald Trump never runs for president again (and oh how we hope he does), his legacy is now secured forever. The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 on Thursday that the state of New York’s evil restrictions against concealed carry [...]

June 23, 2022 News

Kari Lake is the Right-Wing Authoritarian B-Word That America Needs

President Donald Trump has a 96% endorsement record so far in the 2022 primaries. He’s gone about 73-3 so far, with a race in Pennsylvania still sort of pending. Maybe. Anyway, he is obviously the big kingmaker of the 2022 [...]

May 20, 2022 News

What if Trump Had Won His Home State of New York? (He Might Have)

Joe Biden won Donald Trump’s home state of New York by a margin of 1,993,776 votes. Not surprising, right? After all, it was the safest and most secure election ever. Would it even be worth checking under the hood in [...]

May 13, 2022 News

JD Vance’s Win – Plus Kingmaker Trump Goes 55-0 on Primary Election Picks So Far

Three weeks ago, author JD Vance was in dead last place in the Ohio Republican primary for US Senate. He was polling in single digits. He didn’t stand a chance. Then the new sheriff of the Republican Party flew into [...]

May 5, 2022 News

The Cavalry is Not Coming: 2020 Election Update

I’m not sure when it was, but sometime during the past three months I gave a resigned shrug and admitted to myself that we’re not going to get Donald Trump reinstated in the White House before January 20, 2025. None [...]

March 22, 2022 News

After Betraying Donald Trump, Bill Barr Suddenly Becomes Media Darling

You’re going to be seeing a lot of former Attorney General Bill Barr over the next few days. “Lumpy” has a new book coming out in which he bashes Donald Trump’s “conspiracy theories” about the 2020 election. So, the media [...]

March 4, 2022 News

Even Democrats Want Hillary Clinton Investigated Over Russiagate Scandal

A growing number of Democrats believe former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton should be investigated over her alleged role in the 2016 Russiagate scandal, according to a new survey. “The survey, by TechnoMetrica Institute of Policy and Politics, found 75% [...]

February 17, 2022 News

Senate Democrats Plotting to Prosecute Trump Because They Can’t Beat Him

The Democrats have wrecked the American economy so badly that they know Donald Trump will be unstoppable in the 2024 election. They also know that because an army of volunteers will be watching the 2024 vote counting like hawks, to [...]

January 21, 2022 News

Wow: 40 Percent of Republicans Voted for Joe Biden in Pima County, Arizona?

“Kinda boring out here!” That was the hilarious conclusion of a reporter in Pima County, Arizona last year when F. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris arrived in Phoenix for a campaign event. It was October 2020, and the campaigns were [...]

November 9, 2021 News

Reminder: Trump Warned of a Depression if F. Joe Biden Entered the White House

I ran across a quote from President Donald J. Trump today from 2020 and thought it was worth sharing with you, in light of the economic catastrophe that is just barely starting to get revved up under that F. Joe [...]

October 21, 2021 News