Sunday, March 3, 2024
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NYC Mayor Admits Sanctuary City Laws are Getting Americans KILLED, Asks Democrats to Repeal Law

After a slew of recent murders have seen illegal aliens killing innocent Americans in sanctuary cities, even the Democrats are admitting something HAS TO change. The laws associated with sanctuary cities have made it so that even when an illegal [...]

February 28, 2024 News

Crooked Court Rules Trump Can Be Prosecuted After Left-Wing Media ADMITS Democrats Are Using Courts to Beat Trump

A federal appeals court that is FULL of Biden judges denied Trump immunity in political hitman Jack Smith’s J6 Case against him – AFTER leftist media admitted that the courts are the only way the Democrats can defeat Trump in [...]

February 6, 2024 News

MAGA Controls the Immigration Debate Even with Trump Out of Office

Denver police have arrested at least 50 known members of Al Qaeda in the last two months. The very last thing that America needs right now is an amnesty bill for the massive hordes of illegal aliens that Joe Biden [...]

February 5, 2024 News

Dems Use Courts to Rig Elections– BAN 10 Republican Senators from Appearing on Ballot

Democrats in the state of Oregon have hatched a new scheme to rig the 2024 election. The state’s liberal Supreme Court made the election altering ruling to BAN 10 Republican senators from seeking reelection. After Oregon’s Democrat Secretary of State [...]

February 2, 2024 News

The CCP Killed the “Red Wave” in 2022 – and Plan to Do it Again in 2024

American intelligence agencies have discovered that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) deliberately interfered in America’s 2022 midterm elections and if we’re not careful – they could do it again in 2024. The CCP deployed a number of different strategies to [...]

January 26, 2024 News

Democrats Bring Millions of Illegals into America, Then Fight to Preserve One Battleground State’s Insane Law That Let’s Non-Citizens Vote

Arizona has an… interesting… law which allows people who fail to provide proof of U.S. citizenship on their state voter application forms to still vote on federal-only ballots. Basically, this peculiar law allows for illegal immigrants to cast their votes [...]

January 22, 2024 News

Biden to Use Mark Zuckerberg’s Election Organization to Stay in Power—But This Time with Your Tax Dollars

In 2020, the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) was used by Left-Wing billionaire Mark Zuckerberg to rig the election in the Democrats favor. Now CTCL is back at it again – only this time Biden is giving them [...]

January 19, 2024 News

Democrats ALREADY Breaking Election Laws – State AG Sends Democrats Cease and Desist Amid Voter Suppression Scandal

We’re not even in the thick of the 2024 election just yet and the Democrats have ALREADY been caught cheating in a big way, so much so that one state’s Attorney General had to step in to “stop” them. You [...]

January 11, 2024 News

New York’s Democrat Mayor CLOSES High School, Forces Kids Out to Make it Into Shelter for Illegal Immigrants

New York City Democrats delivered another massive slap in the face to American citizens, forcing high-school students out of their school to make a new home for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! With the “sanctuary” city being completely overrun by illegals, they apparently [...]

January 10, 2024 News

Trouble for the Dems: More Americans Than Ever Before Believe the 2020 Election was Rigged

Americans are no longer buying the frequently repeated lie pushed by the Democrats that 2020 was the most “safe and secure” election in our lifetimes – the people now KNOW Joe Biden is an illegitimate president. More than one-third of [...]

January 8, 2024 News