Friday, June 14, 2024
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Democrats are Already Working on their Next Plan to Get Rid of Donald Trump– And It’s Worse Than Anything You Can Imagine

The Democrats got exactly what they wanted out of the rigged NYC show trial – allowing them to trade the term “fascist” for “felon” when spreading anti-Trump propaganda. But there’s only one small issue – it hasn’t panned out quite [...]

June 9, 2024 News

Revealed: Dems Plan to Put MAGA Voters in Concentration Camps

That’s not a conspiracy theory in the headline. A Democrat running for a seat in the House of Representatives accidentally said the quiet part out loud in a Zoom call this week. If the Democrats manage to vanquish Donald Trump [...]

June 7, 2024 News

GOP Discovers MASSIVE List of Illegal Voters Which Exposes How Democrats Cheat

Democrats LOVE to say that our elections are “safe and secure” while claiming that there has been “no evidence” of any fraud but if this isn’t evidence then I don’t know what is. The state of Arizona SHOULD be a [...]

June 5, 2024 News

Superstar Don ROCKS New York as Democrat Governor Has Her Own “Deplorables” Moment

President Donald Trump recently hosted a rally in quite possibly one of the most historically DEEP BLUE places in the country – the Bronx. Out of that rally came a number of concerning revelations for the left but things only [...]

May 24, 2024 News

Democrats Vote to Give Illegal Aliens More Influence in U.S. Elections

House Democrats voted to give illegal aliens more representation in Congress and the Electoral College – CONFIRMING that Biden’s border crisis has been a planned and coordinated invasion all along! The vote took place over a bill known as the [...]

May 9, 2024 News

Lifelong Democrat Calls Out Biden “Everything You Do Shows Me You Can’t Beat Him”

As the Democrats continue to try and use lawfare to interfere in the 2024 election even their own voters are waking up to the truth – Joe Biden is terrified of Donald Trump. Lifelong Democrats like ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith [...]

April 17, 2024 News

Maine Democrats Just Rigged the 2024 Election for Joe Biden

Here’s a story that we hope the Nebraska legislature is paying attention to. The Democrat-controlled Maine legislature just rigged all future presidential elections on behalf of their party. The plan that they just passed, and which Democrat Governor Janet Mills [...]

April 16, 2024 News

New Democrat Election Strategy Has them BEGGING Voters to ‘Trust the Mainstream Media’ Rather than ‘Doing Your Own Research’

The Democrats know full-well that if they intend to get away with stealing the 2024 election in the same way they did 2020 they’re going to need every bit of media propaganda behind them. However, that might be pretty problematic [...]

April 8, 2024 News

Democrats in All-Out-Panic After Realizing Biden’s Federal Scheme to Hatch More Voters is Actually Helping Trump

Joe Biden’s White House has enlisted the entire federal government in a “non-partisan” scheme to use tax money to register more voters, however, amid recent revelations that these voters have zero plans to vote for Biden, Democrats on the ground [...]

April 5, 2024 News

Democrats Concoct “Superstructure” to STEAL the 2024 Election from Donald Trump

The Biden regime is apparently so “worried that Trump will steal the 2024 election” that they’re working on a massive new plan to STEAL IT FIRST! Left-wing outlet the Rolling Stone recently put out a piece titled, “Biden Is Building [...]

March 25, 2024 News