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Has Idiotic Joe Biden & a Senate RINO Given China Reason to Capture Taiwan?

Given the illegitimate Biden regime’s recent foreign policy disasters, it’s hard to say whether we will be at war with China before the end of this year. That’s no exaggeration. While the headlines this week are consumed with terrified Afghans [...]

August 17, 2021 News

China Gobbling Up USA Farmland Causes Bipartisan Freakout in Washington, DC

The ideological gap between the Democrat Party and the rest of America is now so wide that it may be impossible to ever bridge. How do you bridge the gap between normal people who reasonably believe that all abortion is [...]

July 22, 2021 News

Is That Chinese Spy-Lover Eric Swalwell Still on the Intel Committee?

Remember when that Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer Eric Swalwell, the Democrat Congressman from California, got caught sleeping with a Chinese spy while he was on the top-secret Intelligence Committee? Whatever happened to that story? Since getting caught sleeping with a [...]

April 15, 2021 News

President Biden’s Family are Already Cashing in on His Name

Joe Biden and his family are no longer thumbing their collective noses at hard-working American families. They are now giving you the middle finger because all of Joe’s family members, not just Hunter Biden, are already cashing in on his [...]

March 15, 2021 News

China Makes Sure Everyone in America Knows Who’s Really in Charge

Most of us normal people out here in America will never even brush up against international diplomacy. It’s a world that we just don’t inhabit in our day-to-day lives. All of the trappings of diplomacy, however, are extremely important. There [...]

March 8, 2021 News

China Bans Mike Pompeo from Country as Their Buddy Biden Takes Office

Shortly after President Biden was sworn into office, the Chinese government announced sanctions against 28 Trump administration leaders, including former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Pompeo had recently called China’s treatment of Uyghur Muslims genocide. The full list of sanctioned [...]

January 21, 2021 News

If Joe Biden Pulls Off This Win, America is in Real Trouble

It’s starting to look like the Democrats are going to get away with stealing the election. North Carolina is clearly choosing President Trump, so they have completely stopped recording votes for two days and counting. Nevada is trying a similar [...]

November 6, 2020 News

Trump Wages One-Man War Against China Since Congress is Worthless

What’s going to happen if China moves beyond espionage in its Cold War 2.0 against America and starts dropping real bombs? Would Nancy Pelosi and Jerald Nadler tell us the fires, destroyed infrastructure and deaths were a “myth?” Not that [...]

August 7, 2020 News

Media’s Anti-Trump Track Record Inspires Tons of Confidence

If the media had consistently lied about liberal icon FDR the way that they currently lie about President Trump, FDR would have been locking reporters in internment camps with the Japanese. It’s been four years and ten months since Donald [...]

April 24, 2020 News

Coronavirus is not a Result of Eating Exotic Meat – It is Far, Far Worse Than Imagined

We all know that President Donald Trump is a voracious news consumer. Here’s hoping that he will take the time to watch a one-hour documentary on the true origins of the current craziness the world is going through. This film [...]

April 14, 2020 News