Friday, May 14, 2021
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Biden Administration Has Already Spent $3 Billion on Migrant Facilities

Remember when President Joe Biden argued a border wall was too expensive? Maybe we should do a little cost comparison. In just 100 days leading the nation, Biden has spent $3 billion in contracts to house unaccompanied children who have [...]

May 11, 2021 News

New Report Reveals States that Voted for Biden Lost Far More Jobs Than Trump States

States that voted for President Joe Biden in 2020 election lost far more jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic over the past year, according to a new report. “Between February and December of last year, states that went for Biden saw [...]

May 6, 2021 News

Psaki Admits Biden Hasn’t Attended a Single Call with Governors on COVID-19

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was pressed this week to answer for President Joe Biden’s absence from nationwide conference calls with America’s governors on COVID-19. She was asked, “I’ve heard from a number of governors who are frustrated that [...]

April 29, 2021 News

Our Friends and Neighbors Are Being Persecuted in Trump’s Name

The torture and political imprisonment of Trump supporters who entered the Capitol building on January 6th gets more disgusting by the day. As we learn more about the treatment of American citizens – who are supposed to have 4th Amendment [...]

April 16, 2021 News

House Republicans Oppose Vaccine Passports

House Republicans have proposed a new bill to oppose the federal government from requiring a vaccine passport. The suggested vaccine passports would require Americans to provide proof of taking a COVID-19 vaccine to conduct certain businesses, travel or attend certain [...]

April 13, 2021 News

Biden’s Bloodthirsty Dogs Are a Reflection of Joe as a Man

Out of all the things that Americans should be talking about right now (out of control border, runaway gas prices, idiots in the Biden State Department bringing us to the brink of war with Russia, etc.), Joe and Jill Biden’s [...]

April 1, 2021 News

Great News: The Biden Agenda is Stalling out Earlier Than Expected

There are only two times when Congress actually gets anything done. The first is the “honeymoon” phase of a new administration, which is roughly within the first 100 days. The second is at the end of the calendar year, when [...]

April 1, 2021 News

Trump to Visit Border Because the Fake Leaders Can’t Lead

Imagine if President Donald Trump had bungled some national problem so badly between 2017 and 2020 that entire federal agencies started begging Barack Obama or George W. Bush to come help. That never happened, obviously, because Mr. Trump was the [...]

March 30, 2021 News

Joe “Unity” Biden Has Not Spoken to a Republican in Over Nine Weeks

Joe Biden isn’t just being hidden from the media and other world leaders. It turns out that no Republican has spoken to Biden since his fake inauguration on January 20. That should terrify everyone. Not because Biden is a stairs-challenged [...]

March 26, 2021 News

Democrats Use Obscure Law They Protested to Jail Trump Supporters

Dozens of American citizens have been locked up as political prisoners in their own country for more than two months now. They’ve been denied bail. One is a wheelchair-bound Navy veteran who can barely move without assistance, due to injuries [...]

March 26, 2021 News