Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Possibly Dead ‘Joe Biden’ Signs Authority Over to Cabinet Members

The American people are wondering if Joe Biden is alive or dead and that’s only the third-weirdest thing to happen in the last two weeks. No one has seen Joe Biden alive since Wednesday, July 17th. No one else has [...]

July 23, 2024 News

Democrats Plan to Rig the 2024 Election is Right On Track

The decision to remove Joe Biden is not the result of a sudden change of heart, but rather, part of a plan that has been in the works since 2022 that will ultimately make it easier for the Democrats to [...]

July 22, 2024 News

All It Took Was 5 days for Democrats to Return to Calling Donald Trump a Threat to Democracy

The Democrats have ended their brief relationship with “political violence has no place in America” phrasing and are back to calling Trump a threat to Democracy. Some are even calling for ANOTHER assassination attempt on the former president. It’s been [...]

July 17, 2024 News

Liberal Media Minimizes Trump Assassination Attempt, Instead Scolds HIM for Violence Following the Image of his Raised Fist as He’s Whisked Off Stage

In the immediate aftermath following the Trump assassination attempt the liberal media proved to us once again just how willing they are to LIE to our faces – even when the truth is impossible to ignore. The leftists hacks who [...]

July 15, 2024 News

Biden and Mitch McConnell Just Set an Impeachment Trap for Donald Trump

Joe Biden continues to show the world how far mentally he has fallen over the last four years in office. At last week’s “big boy” press conference Biden said his Vice President was Donald Trump and called Ukrainian President Volodymyr [...]

July 12, 2024 News

Watch Out for Republicans Trying to Get Biden to Drop Out

In the ongoing White House public relations disaster, they keep trotting out Joe Biden for major on-camera events to prove that he’s a Big Boy who can use his Big Boy words. It’s glorious! Thursday was a rare solo press [...]

July 12, 2024 News

Democrats Try to Change the Narrative: Rep. Adam Schiff, Who Has a History of Lying about Government Leaders, Claims TRUMP’s the Candidate with Cognitive Issues, Not Biden

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff has proven himself to be quite possibly the biggest liar we’ve ever had in Congress, and he’s up to his usual antics. Rep. Schiff, who REPEATEDLY “promised” to have a “smoking gun” that would bring down [...]

July 8, 2024 News

Democrats Try to Hurt Trump by Leaking Video of Him Being “Mean” to Biden, But It Fails to Have the Effect They Intended

Most of us realize that the left cannot meme. The Democrats and Republicans alike don’t seem to realize that they cannot damage our loyalty to Donald Trump with leaked videos and other “damning” evidence of Trump’s “low character.” Someone recorded [...]

July 5, 2024 News

Biden Crime Family Members Urge Joe Biden to Stay In Race

While pretty much the entire world now KNOWS just how mentally defunct Joe Biden is, it turns out that his family is refusing to let the old man ride off into the sunset with the millions of dollars they’ve made [...]

July 1, 2024 News

Biden Admin Helping George Soros Take Over American Media to Pay Him Back for His Help “Getting Trump”

Democrat megadonor, George Soros, might be singlehandedly keeping the leftist party in power – and it’s safe to say he’s being rewarded quite nicely for doing so. The foreign-born billionaire, in case you’re not familiar, is about as anti-Trump and [...]

July 1, 2024 News