Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Massive Survey Proves the Unvaccinated Are Safer from COVID Than the Vaxed

Major cracks are beginning to appear in the mainstream media narrative about the COVID vaccines. We’ve been noting for some weeks now that all cause mortality has spiked in all heavily vaccinated countries. A massive die-off is already starting here [...]

June 16, 2022 News

Joe Biden to Sue Air Force Cadets for $200,000 Each for Refusing Vaccine

In keeping with his longstanding tradition of being a jerk at all times, Joe Biden is very close to suing three Air Force Academy cadets to recoup the costs of their education. He’s kicking them out of the military entirely [...]

June 2, 2022 News

Another Beautiful Zoo Animal Killed by Its COVID Vaccine

We previously wrote about a group of giraffes that “died suddenly” at the Dallas Zoo back in October. For some reason, zoo officials had decided in September that they would vaccinate all the mammals in order to protect them against [...]

May 31, 2022 News

16 Vaxed Runners Collapse in One Race & It’s Not Weird at All Because Shut Up

The Brooklyn Half Marathon of 2022 took place on Saturday, May 21st. There are a couple of requirements that you have to fulfill if you want to participate in the Brooklyn Half Marathon. In order to compete in the 13.1-mile [...]

May 26, 2022 News

CDC: COVID Shot Made Young Boy Sick & Killed Him Just 2 Hours Later

A lot of foreign countries that don’t have quite as much loyalty to Pfizer and Moderna are publishing reams of data about the very real harm that the COVID shots are causing. Here in the USA, we’re stuck with little [...]

May 24, 2022 News

Doctor Confirms Unprecedented Miscarriage Rates in America Post-Vaccine

So far in 2022, we’ve heard from fertility doctors in Australia, Canada and the UK who have said the COVID shots are causing massive amounts of miscarriages among women. (Or “people with cervixes” as the New York Times likes to [...]

April 28, 2022 News

Vaccinated Model Has Both Legs Chopped Off but It’s Totally Not the Vaccine’s Fault

The FDA has just recently approved a second booster shot of Pfizer and Moderna’s DNA-altering mRNA gene serums that everyone is pretending are “vaccines.” That’s four shots, and according to Joe Biden, you cannot catch or spread COVID if you [...]

April 14, 2022 News

COVID Shots Giving Genital Ulcers to Girls as Young as 5

Every time that we think the news about the COVID shots couldn’t get any worse, a new story emerges that makes normal people want to chase a pharmaceutical executive down the street with tar and feathers. The COVID shots are [...]

April 14, 2022 News

Only 0.002 Percent of Soldiers Want the Vaccine When Given Informed Consent

Joe Biden’s insane goal of a 100% vaccination rate in the US military is weakening America worse than we probably even realize. Yet his woke Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is determined to achieve that goal. The only way they will [...]

March 31, 2022 News

Military Doctor Breaks Down in Court Talking about COVID Vaccine Injuries

There are still multiple lawsuits against Joe Biden’s illegal vaccine mandates for military members that are ongoing. The Biden regime has lost all the cases so far in which a ruling has been handed down, especially since the Department of [...]

March 18, 2022 News