Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Covid Shots Now Causing Endless Waves of Omicron in Heavily Vaxed Countries

The pandemic of the vaccinated is upon us. Disturbing new data proves that in heavily vaccinated and boosted countries, they are facing unending waves of the Omicron variant of coronavirus. Despite having a cool and scary dystopian 1970s-sounding name, Omicron [...]

January 6, 2023 News

This Far-Left Group is Fighting to Bring Back Mask Mandates… FOREVER

Far-left authoritarians are trying to reimpose a familiar tool which helps them maintain control over the masses – mask mandates. A group which calls itself the “People’s CDC” has been doing the bidding of politicians on the left by fighting [...]

January 3, 2023 News

More Researchers Worldwide Connecting COVID Shots to Comas, Brain Damage

A coalition of researchers has published a new batch of findings on damage that the COVID shots are doing to the brains and central nervous systems in some recipients. Their peer-reviewed, scientific research was published in an issue of “Vaccine,” [...]

December 13, 2022 News

Bill Gates and the W.H.O. Partner to Plan Out the Next Pandemic – This One Targeting Children

The usual suspects are back at it again partnering together to war-game out the next pandemic – the same exact way they did just before COVID was unleashed on the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Bill & [...]

December 12, 2022 News

Young Adults 100X More Likely to Suffer Vaccine Injury Than be Protected from Covid

More than 1,000 colleges in America currently require students to be fully vaccinated, or fully vaxed and boosted, in order to receive an on-campus education. That’s hard to believe in 2022, especially given that the vaccines only provide about 2 [...]

December 7, 2022 News

Democrat’s Money Laundering Scheme with FTX Also Funded Clinical Trials to Try to Cover-Up the Truth about Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine

The FTX scandal continues to grow as it turns out that the crypto exchange used to funnel money into Democrat candidates campaign coffers also funded flawed clinical trials which served to hide the truth about effective COVID therapeutics before investing [...]

November 22, 2022 News

Child Myocarditis Jumps 117X but the CDC Says It’s Mild and Not Important

On November 3rd of this year, Chrysler put out a “Do Not Drive” warning to 276,000 people who own various models of its cars. There’s a problem with the driver’s side airbags. Three (3) people have been killed by this [...]

November 17, 2022 News

The CDC Is Blaming the All-Cause Mortality Jump on COVID – Not the Shots

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has devolved into an untrustworthy agency that is just as corrupt as the Department of Justice. That’s not an exaggeration. Even as other countries are starting to ban COVID shots among certain [...]

November 2, 2022 News

COVID Lab Leak Theory Confirmed: Researchers Find Smoking Gun Evidence Virus Was Man Made

There has been much to debate a to where the COVID-19 pandemic truly originated, and while the lab-leak theory was once labeled “conspiracy theory,” after this study there may be no more denying it. The new research found that the [...]

October 31, 2022 News

Scientists & Embalmers Find Weird Clots in the Blood of Vaccine Victims

At this point, we should no longer refer to people who took the COVID shot(s) as vaccine recipients or vaccinees. They are vaccine victims. Embalmers in the US are blowing the whistle, and Italian scientists have published new research to [...]

October 19, 2022 News