Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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What if Trump Had Won His Home State of New York? (He Might Have)

Joe Biden won Donald Trump’s home state of New York by a margin of 1,993,776 votes. Not surprising, right? After all, it was the safest and most secure election ever. Would it even be worth checking under the hood in [...]

May 13, 2022 News

ELECTION FRAUD! New Probe Reveals Hundreds of Thousands of “Excess Votes” for Biden in Battleground States

A new report has uncovered the truth about the 2020 election – exposing hundreds of thousands of “excess votes” for President Joe Biden in critical states which helped him steal the election. The extra votes were found during a deep [...]

March 29, 2022 News

The Cavalry is Not Coming: 2020 Election Update

I’m not sure when it was, but sometime during the past three months I gave a resigned shrug and admitted to myself that we’re not going to get Donald Trump reinstated in the White House before January 20, 2025. None [...]

March 22, 2022 News

After Betraying Donald Trump, Bill Barr Suddenly Becomes Media Darling

You’re going to be seeing a lot of former Attorney General Bill Barr over the next few days. “Lumpy” has a new book coming out in which he bashes Donald Trump’s “conspiracy theories” about the 2020 election. So, the media [...]

March 4, 2022 News

Audit Observers: Boxes of Ballots Were Clearly Counterfeited for Biden

All of the 1,500 citizen volunteers who helped with the Maricopa County, Arizona forensic election audit were required to sign strict Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). An NDA forbids a person from talking to others and especially to the media until a [...]

October 1, 2021 News

Gun-Toting Druggie Arrested with Hundreds of CA Mail-In Recall Ballots

A lot of people are getting really excited at the thought of Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew – a.k.a. Gavin Newsom – being tossed out of the California Governor’s office on September 14. That’s the date of the Recall Election in California. [...]

August 26, 2021 News

Rasmussen Reports Rise in Number of Voters who Believe Election Cheating Happened

There is too much election audit news to even get through this week, but despite a near-total media blackout on this front, here’s something you should know. Big things are now happening in 11 different US states related to audit [...]

June 21, 2021 News

Tsunami of State Delegations Visit Maricopa County Audit

The mainstream media seems to have at least one mole inside the Maricopa County, Arizona audit. That’s the only explanation that makes sense as to why so many “damage control” articles were published about the audit last week, before the [...]

June 11, 2021 News

Martial Law? Brace Yourself for an Ugly December and January

The 2020 presidential election was held one month ago now, and America is in limbo because the establishment globalists are trying to keep the rightful winner out of office. Only a liar or a fool says there is “no evidence” [...]

December 15, 2020 News

Democrats Not Sending Their Best to Argue Most Important Case in History

Texas v. PA, WI, MI, GA is the most important Supreme Court Case that America has seen in our nation’s recent history. On the surface, the high court will be deciding whether the four defendant states violated the Constitution by [...]

December 11, 2020 News