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Congress Moves to Permanently Ban Donald Trump from Office

17 percent of Democrats believe the 2020 election was rigged. 31 percent of independents believe that the 2020 election was rigged. 93 percent of Trump supporters believe the 2020 election was rigged. All of that doubt about the legitimacy of [...]

January 7, 2021 News

Bill Barr Has Resigned, Kamala Harris Has Not, & Other Signs That Point to Trump Being Reelected

Members of my extended family are starting to express concern for me. How is it possible, they wonder, that I can still be so darned chipper about Donald Trump’s reelection at this late date? “It’s over!” say lots of people [...]

December 17, 2020 News

Martial Law? Brace Yourself for an Ugly December and January

The 2020 presidential election was held one month ago now, and America is in limbo because the establishment globalists are trying to keep the rightful winner out of office. Only a liar or a fool says there is “no evidence” [...]

December 15, 2020 News

Congressional Inauguration Committee: Biden is Not President-Elect

Well, that’s got to be embarrassing! The entire mainstream media, every elected Democrat in Congress and even Fang Fang are desperately trying to declare that Joe Biden is the “President Elect.” But when it was put to a vote in [...]

December 10, 2020 News

How to Help Trump with the Georgia Election Train Wreck

Good grief, Georgia is a hot mess. Out of all of the states where we expected the Democrats to try to pull election shenanigans in 2020, was Georgia even on your Top Ten list? But here we have a red [...]

December 3, 2020 News

President Trump Fulfills Another Campaign Promise: Ends the Endless Wars in the Middle East

There’s an old salesman tip that still applies today: Don’t talk yourself out of the sale. What it means is, stop selling when the customer says they want to buy. The longer your mouth flaps, the greater the likelihood that you’ll [...]

November 19, 2020 News

Mainstream Media Doxing Trump Lawyers to Try to Get Them Killed

The sad and pathetic Never Trumpers at the “Lincoln Project” are colluding with the media to dox attorneys assisting with the Trump campaign’s lawsuits against voter fraud. What country are we living in? Why aren’t the Never Trumpers and the [...]

November 17, 2020 News

Where President Trump’s Reelection Stands Today and How You Can Help

Almost two weeks after the legal ballots were cast in the 2020 election, it’s nice to see that President Trump is not giving up the fight – and neither are his supporters. The mainstream media’s disinformation and demoralization campaign isn’t [...]

November 13, 2020 News

President Trump Unquestionably Won Reelection

The establishment elites have a request for President Donald J. Trump: They would really love if Trump would be a good little Republican gimp and just curl up in a fetal position after conceding an election he obviously won. It’s [...]

November 5, 2020 News

America Rising: It Was Never About Trump

After all these years, they still don’t get it. The fake news media does not understand the love that the American people have for Donald Trump. The low-testosterone wimps of Never Trump don’t understand it. Hollywood doesn’t understand it. Big [...]

November 3, 2020 News