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Even Mexican Politicians Abuse Our Insane Anchor Baby Policy

The popular Governor of Baja, Mexico managed to infuriate her own voters a few days ago. And before you ask, no, she did not impose some stupid new COVID restrictions on her citizens and then fly to Florida for a [...]

January 20, 2022 News

Facebook’s ‘Texas Move’ Reveals Even the Most Liberal Companies Hate California

Facebook’s parent company Meta has reportedly signed the largest lease ever in Austin, Texas, as the company seeks to move more of it future growth from the restrictions of California to the freedoms of the Lone Star State. “The lease [...]

January 11, 2022 News

California Plans to Inject COVID Vaccine into Plants

How many vaccines do we know of that, according to adverse reports on file at the CDC, have resulted in 18,461 deaths and a scary variety of other bad outcome? Well there’s the COVID Vaccine that has received 875,651 reports as of [...]

November 19, 2021 News

Gun-Toting Druggie Arrested with Hundreds of CA Mail-In Recall Ballots

A lot of people are getting really excited at the thought of Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew – a.k.a. Gavin Newsom – being tossed out of the California Governor’s office on September 14. That’s the date of the Recall Election in California. [...]

August 26, 2021 News

California’s Lawmakers Banned from Traveling to Four More States

California’s Democrats may soon not be able to leave the state. A new travel ban issued by the Golden State’s government bans state-funded travel to five new states for laws allegedly “targeting transgender youth.” The four new states include Arkansas, [...]

June 29, 2021 News

Conservative States Pick Up Five New Seats in Congress

Seven new seats have been announced in Congress following the 2020 Census. Conservatives states picked up five of the seats, while Democrat-led states picked up two. Texas scored the biggest win with two new seats. North Carolina, Florida and Montana [...]

April 27, 2021 News

California Governor Newsom Recall WILL Happen

The once unthinkable has now become reality—California’s Governor Newsome is less than 100,000 signatures away from a recall. The petition has until March 17 to collect the remaining signatures, nearly guaranteeing the recall effort will proceed. The goal of the [...]

February 5, 2021 News

Are Boneheaded Democrats Going to Hand California to Trump?

The non-elite “elites” running the Democrat Party seem to be intent on handing Donald Trump a Nixonian landslide this November. It’s pretty stunning. I have yet to see a single Joe Biden/Kamala Harris yard sign or billboard in southern California [...]

September 8, 2020 News

Media: Trump-Supporting Los Angeles KKK Emboldened by String of Lynchings

Have you heard the news? White nationalists are so emboldened by President Trump’s hateful rhetoric that the KKK is planning a rally in Los Angeles County. Because there are just so many KKK members in the blue state of California. [...]

June 26, 2020 News

California to Separate Families, Lock Kids in Cages Over Coronavirus

The race to become Joe Biden’s VP running mate has just intensified. Basement Joe has announced that he will only select a woman to run by his side against Donald Trump. As a result, the women who really want to [...]

May 7, 2020 News