Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Democrats Plan to Rig the 2024 Election is Right On Track

The decision to remove Joe Biden is not the result of a sudden change of heart, but rather, part of a plan that has been in the works since 2022 that will ultimately make it easier for the Democrats to [...]

July 22, 2024 News

Extremely Powerful Group of Government Officials Quietly RIGGING the 2024 Election

Hiding behind a laughable claim of being a “nonpartisan” election task force, this shadow group is doing everything in their power (and they have a lot of it) to control the narrative surrounding the 2024 election with the intent of [...]

July 11, 2024 News

323,000 Dead Voters Uncovered in Michigan, Exposes How Democrats are Planning to Steal 2024 Election

Well, well, well, if it isn’t the wonderful state of Michigan back with MORE voter fraud! As we’ve seen in recent years, the Democrat controlled state has been a model for how to successfully rig elections in America. With the [...]

June 17, 2024 News

Biden Admin Giving Hints They Don’t Expect to be in the White House Post January

Joe Biden gave the game away back in 2020 when he boldly proclaimed that the Democrats had organized “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” The Democrats were oddly overconfident in 2020, hiding [...]

May 8, 2024 News

Politico Reveals the Deep State Team That Meets Weekly to Try to Take Out Trump

Back in 2021, the libs at Time Magazine couldn’t help but brag about how the 2020 election was stolen from the American people and Donald Trump. They had “fortified” the election, the piece bragged. Using a combination of COVID, mass [...]

April 24, 2024 News

ELECTION INTERFERENCE: NGO Linked to George Soros and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Training Illegals to Vote for Biden

We’ve recently been learning about how the Democrats are helping illegal aliens register to vote in several battleground states ahead of the 2024 but there’s another powerful force acting in the shadows to ENSURE that these migrants vote Democrat. An [...]

April 21, 2024 News

Maine Democrats Just Rigged the 2024 Election for Joe Biden

Here’s a story that we hope the Nebraska legislature is paying attention to. The Democrat-controlled Maine legislature just rigged all future presidential elections on behalf of their party. The plan that they just passed, and which Democrat Governor Janet Mills [...]

April 16, 2024 News

Democrats in All-Out-Panic After Realizing Biden’s Federal Scheme to Hatch More Voters is Actually Helping Trump

Joe Biden’s White House has enlisted the entire federal government in a “non-partisan” scheme to use tax money to register more voters, however, amid recent revelations that these voters have zero plans to vote for Biden, Democrats on the ground [...]

April 5, 2024 News

Dirty Snake Biden Moves to Slash Medicare Advantage AFTER the 2024 Election

“If Donald Trump/Mitt Romney/John McCain/Bob Dole/George HW Bush/Ronald Reagan wins in November, he’s going to cut social security and Medicare for seniors!” This has been a Democrat Party talking point about Republican candidates for the past 44 years (at least) [...]

April 4, 2024 News

Federal Court Rules Pennsylvania Cannot Cheat in the 2024 Elections

If you’re a Democrat reading this, you might want to sit down. The Third Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Pennsylvania is not allowed to cheat in the 2024 elections. We warned you to sit down, Democrats. Maybe try [...]

March 28, 2024 News