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The Secret to Beating the System

The Secret to Beating the System without Going to Jail and the Inside Scoop for Obtaining FREE CASH

7:06 AM

Dear Entrepreneur:

My friends and business associates call me a “miser”. That’s fine; it only means I’m in good company.

Some of the wealthiest entrepreneurs on the face of the planet were “misers”, including Sam Walton, John Paul Getty, John D. Rockefeller, Sam Zell and the list goes on and on. The truth is….I discovered ways to “beat the system” (legally)… without the risk of going to jail.

What’s more, I’m grabbing mind-blowing discounts on all kinds of products and services and I’ve found ways to obtain free cash…without the usual gimmicks and tricks! It’s real simple…..


The Sofa Awaits

At last you can enjoy some certainty in this uncertain world. Life doesn’t have to be a pointless struggle; clinging on to a dull job and taking crap from a moronic boss, stressing about debt etc.

Being able to walk away from the whole game… now that’s power!

I hope you can join me on the sofa soon. When you do, you’ll soon see what I’m talking about. At the very least, you’ll get some much needed cash in your back pocket and fast.

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I’ll show you how to save a boatload of money on hundreds of products and services you’re probably using right now.

I realize “saving money” and “penny pinching” is B-O-R-I-N-G…..with a capital B! Most entrepreneurs want to know how to MAKE MONEY as fast and easy as possible…

As for me – “penny pinching” is for the birds! But grabbing huge discounts can be as valuable as millions of dollars in CASH. Here’s what I mean….

I have several friends who are millionaires and a few of them are in the multimillionaire class…. But most of them OVERPAY for everything. They didn’t mind overpaying for travel, insurance, real estate, luxury products, and businesses when the markets, economy and real estate were booming.

But today, some of them are frantically reducing expenses, employees, and downsizing their businesses…..not to mention trying to find the best possible deals on stuff.  It’s almost comical.

My good friend TL said, “I saved over $420 on this stupid thing”. He was practically doing back-flips by the pool he was so happy. (I gave him my secret for refurbished electronics).

The fact is…. my friends were “misers” like me when they started out.  But somehow they became “invincible” when the big money started rolling in hand over fist. One of my (very) rich friends, PS., said the following to me at dinner recently (with a huge, toothy grin):

“Marc, you were right. The economy, real estate and market tanked. And you prepared ahead of time. Have you written down your “miser tactics” and strategies so other entrepreneurs can benefit”?

Well… the good news is I put my closely guarded “miser tactics” into a new program…and I’ll show you how to get it in a second.

But know this…..I’m a millionaire miser…and proud of it…..because I know how to get HUGE discounts and I know where to go for money for ventures, deals and projects…not to mention FREE CASH just for asking!

My incessant drive for the deepest discounts and getting stuff dirt cheap – (and free)… drives people crazy! But you’ve got to admit…… scoring deep discounts is a big deal….and especially in this economy! The stuff I reveal in my program is almost too good to be true.

But believe me…..all of the tactics, strategies, methods and resources in my new “miser manual” are 100% true, accurate and legitimate. On top of that, my discoveries are not based on some stupid theory!

You get “theories” by going to college, working for the government or hanging out with “pseudo” (trust fund) millionaires. The tactics and strategies in my e-book program are based on personal experience, and the experiences of my wealthy friends and partners. This probably sounds like a sales pitch. But it’s NOT!


The Catch for Getting Free Cash

The holy grail of beating the system… Free Cash.

It is possible to get free cash, grants, scholarships, and loans for just about anything. But yes….THERE’S A CATCH! Don’t kid yourself.

What makes the lucky few who tap into this wellspring of cash so different than you?

Here’s the answer…

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I honestly believe my program will be a huge asset to your business, life and ventures and especially in THIS ECONOMY.

Heck….I even developed a strategy for saving money on building a house! I built a dream house in an exclusive enclave on the coast of Maine for a small fraction of what most people pay.  On top of that, there’s NO mortgage or liens and the house and property is paid in full.

How to Get Anything You Want at HUGE Discounts – and Sometimes FREE!

My tactics in action recently for scoring big time discounts:

•    Caterers. I saved more than $2200 on catering for a family reunion at an exclusive mountain retreat in central Vermont.  Tactic: I promised the caterer 3 new clients, or free publicity in the local newspapers and websites.

•    Wine. There’s a monopoly at your local grocery store when it comes to wine! Heck, some states have BANNED the purchase of wine online. My tactics for buying wine could save you 20-60%…and it’s not Sam’s Club or Costco! Tactic: Buy unopened wine with damaged labels or discontinued wine from distributors! You can even shop at “mega stores” like Applejacks in Denver CO. These are wine “superstores”. Tactic 2: You can even buy wine in bulk from overseas vineyards.

•    Debt Settlement. Most of the so-called debt settlement companies have a cozy relationship with credit card companies and banks. On top of that, debt settlement companies are getting sued left and right because of sneaky fees and other things. There are legitimate, low cost debt settlement services.  It’s not a disgrace to need some help once in awhile. Tactic: CareOne has a great track record and could save you big bucks.

•    Outlet Malls. I’ve snatched savings of $500, $1000, $2000 (and more) at outlet malls and a few online retailers.  Tactic: Buy damaged or returned products.

•    Extended Warranty Scams. Manufactures make a killing on “extended” warranties! This is a major scam. If the product is made right you won’t need a warranty. Tactic: Don’t buy extended warranties and save a bundle.

•    Special Membership Clubs. You’ve heard about the “alphabet clubs” like AARP, NRA and AAA. Are these membership clubs worth joining? I don’t join “special clubs” because I can get deals without them.  But check my blog for a few of the winners.

•    Insurance – Health, Life, Car & Home. This is a biggie! Insurance will cost you a fortune over your lifetime unless you know how the game is played. I received a comprehensive homeowner’s policy from an A+ provider on one of my homes ($350k value) for less than $310 per year.   Tactic: Increase deductible to maximum level. Never buy insurance from an agent or insurance salesman. Do your own research and only insure reality.

•    Auto Leases. I found a 2008 Toyota Prius Hybrid for a friend for less than $125 per month. And get this….there was no down payment, no closing costs, no fine print and the seller actually paid him to do the deal! Thousands of cars and deals are available: Tactic: Tactic 2: Go direct to people upside down in their lease…offer to take it off their hands.

•    Magazines and Newsletters. You can pick up magazines and newsletters at phenomenal discounts and sometimes absolutely free. Tactic: Write to the publisher direct (and use the correct contact name). Request a “free trial subscription” to their publication. Some publishers will throw your letter or postcard (my favorite) in the trash, but most won’t!

•    Vitamins, Herbs and Natural Supplements. Local supermarkets and health food stores mark these babies up 40-90% (or more). A regional chain in New England marks some supplements up 145%! Tactic: Lowest prices on the planet can be found at and Tactic 2: Buy herbs, vitamins and supplements in bulk – make your own!

•    Fitness Clubs and Spas. Fitness clubs and spas have been hit especially hard in the current economy. Never pay the retail “street” price.  Tactic: Write to the owner (not the manager) of a fitness club or spa in your area. Enclose a check for $100. Propose 60% off the first year membership fee 40% thereafter…you’ll be shocked by the response (in a good way)

•    Cosmetic Procedures. If you’re willing to travel you can receive unheard of discounts on facelifts, Botox treatments, lip augmentation, breast jobs and neck lifts at savings of 30-60% (or more!). A simple Botox treatment could run you $500-$1000. Tactic 1: You can get the same treatment for $250 at Arriva in Costa Rica. Tactic 2: Go to a dermatologist school in your area – American Academy of Dermatology

•    Premium Channels. You can get most premium channels on cable and satellite TV by simply asking the right people at the right time. I received several years of HBO, Showtime HD, Starz and others absolutely free.  Tactic: Write a snail mail letter (or FedEx is better) to a senior manager at your cable company or satellite provider. Simply ask for 6 months free to “test” the service.  Tactic 2: Lather, rinse, repeat… I’ve done this several times over the past 6 years (different senior contacts)

•    Vacation Rentals. If you fall for vacation rental “ploys” or timeshares you’ll get burned every time. I’ve received mind boggling discounts on homes, condos, townhouses, apartments and houseboats over the last 10 years. I use these services so you know they’re legit! Tactic:,, and

•    Landscaping. What happened to neighborhood kids charging $25 to do the job? I’ll show you how to get it back! Tactic: Post a large professionally designed sign on your lawn or property that reads “Mow This Lawn for $25 CASH – Our Equipment” – list your phone number and/or website. Believe me…you’ll get calls.

•    Online education and instruction. I’m discouraging my kids from going to college. I’m NOT a bad parent. The educational system and pricing is a joke. Colleges are bloated with debt, tenured professors (who don’t teach), over priced books and degrees you can online in half the time for a quarter of the price. You can obtain degrees and certification at a fraction of the cost. Tactic: Gary North’s exclusive chapter enclosed!

•    Windjammer cruises. A windjammer cruise can change your life. But don’t settle for the “dock price”. A recent day sail on the historic Schooner Mary Day only cost $45. The “dock rate” is $225. Tactic: Write to the boat’s captain or owner in advance – tell them you’re on a tight budget or whatever

•    Online Stock Trading. Most “discount” brokers are a joke. You’ll never get any deals after the first trade with these guys. Today you can get every online trade for as low as $3…all the time! Tactic:

•    Computers, Laptops, PDAs and software Forget about BestBuy, Walmart, Sam’s Club and Costco. Granted, you’ll find deals from time to time at these places. But they don’t offer high performance electronics. In other words, check the exact specifications and the price, and then go to my source. I’m talking hundreds of dollars here. Tactic:, (I’m not kidding) and

This is only the tip of the iceberg!

My new “miser manual” is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It reveals my insider tactics, discoveries, strategies and secrets for “beating the system” and obtaining anything you want at DEEP discounts…and in some cases FREE.

How to Beat “The System” and Obtain Access to CASH Without Going to Jail!

Before I go any further…..I’ll reveal one of my secrets for demanding huge discounts and deals.

It’s called negotiation.

Don’t worry; I’m not going to bore you a lame study of “Negotiation Tactics 101”. But get this….

Most people never get what they want in life or business because they’ve never understood the art of negotiation. Negotiation can make you very, very rich. Billionaire negotiation tactics can save you more money than you ever imagined.

Billionaire Negotiation Tactic Anyone Can Use

Most self-made billionaires are master negotiators. These billionaires would probably say negotiation is one of the main reasons they’re so filthy rich. I realize negotiation is required for every transaction or deal.

If you walk into a grocery store or gas station negotiation tactics are useless. These businesses could care less if you buy anything or not. Pay retail or get lost! Negotiation only works when you have a willing party…or “qualified prospect”.

If you wanted to buy an automobile from a private party….he or she would most likely be a willing party. The same is true if you buy a house, land, services, a business or other products.

And so…it’s important to understand the foundation of negotiation which is:

You need a willing party or “qualified prospect” for this tactic to work.

Here’s the tactic in all its glory…..

Always Be Willing to Walk Away!

Most people are unwilling to walk away when they want to buy something. In most cases they will always pay more for a product or service than the item is worth in a current market.

What’s more, a lot of people “say” they’re willing to walk away from a deal and they may believe it on some level.  But in reality…..most people are unwilling to walk away when they really want something. I refer to this as a paradox.

A paradox is a statement or concept that contains conflicting ideas. In logic, a paradox is a statement that contradicts itself.  In everyday language, a paradox is something which seems absurd or contradictory, and yet is true.

For example, the best way to win in the game of soccer is stay away from the ball! Let this truth sink in for a second. Have you ever watched youngsters play soccer? All of the kids on both teams chase the ball up and down the field.  But if just a few kids stayed away from the ball, more kids would be open to shoot the ball and score!

The same is true in professional soccer. The key to winning games is to have fewer players chasing the ball! In other words…spread out and stay away from the ball!

The same is true in negotiation. You always need to be willing to walk away from a deal….as if you could care less. Granted, you obviously want the thing you’re negotiating for….it is obvious to you and the other party.

On the popular TV show House Hunters the real estate broker usually suggests to prospective buyers to avoid “offending” sellers by submitting an offer that’s too low.  That’s absolutely ridiculous!  In fact, it’s almost criminal advice.

If a seller is “offended” or “insulted” by low ball offers they’re in the wrong market or business…period!  If they don’t want low ball offers then don’t put your house on the market.  The mistake most home buyers make is they’re unwilling to walk away from a deal.

In many cases, someone in the deal has his or her “heart set” on a particular home…and they’re unwilling to walk away from it. Therefore, buyers end up spending a lot more than they need to. When I’m buying a property… I rarely use a real estate broker.

My preference would be a high paid, seasoned real estate attorney with personal investment experience. What’s more, I’ll typically pre-qualify a boatload of deals before I indentify a legitimate prospect or candidate.  Most deals never make it to the table because they are unqualified.

On top of that, I’ve “offended” thousands of people in my business life because of so-called “low ball” offers….cry me a river!  The fact is….most of my deals have been profitable.  I lose money from time to time…but not very often.

Sometimes you’ll be willing to pay the full price for something…no matter what it is.  But I’m talking about situations and deals where negotiation is required…which is 80% of the time.  And so….in negotiating deals you must always be willing to walk away.

If people are desperate enough to make a sale they won’t let you get away…and you’ll get what you wanted….and in most cases at deep, deep discounts!

You can grab a copy of my new “miser manual” here.

Your Humble Host,

Marc Charles

(Ed Note:  Marc Charles is referred to as “The King of Business Opportunities” ….and for good reason. He should be known as “The King of Legitimate Business Opportunities”…because he’s launched, bought, sold reviewed and advised on hundreds of businesses and money making opportunities. He understands legitimate opportunities. Marc has agreed supply League of Power members with crucial updates regarding legitimate business and money making opportunities.)


The Career Revolution is Here

Quite simply this is the easiest way I’ve ever made money in my entire life. And that’s why I’m so excited to share it with you today.  Because I know that you’re flat-out SICK of punching a clock everyday for less money than they know you’re worth.

It’s time for a change in your life.

And that change can come from the most unlikely of places…

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***** Action Strategy *****

It’s simple……grab my NEW e-book program now!

Believe me…it’ll be worth every penny…or just send it back. There’s no risk. I always offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on everything I produce.

******Valuable Resources *******

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