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The Hottest Side Biz on The Planet

The Hottest “Web Services” Business on the Planet Revealed!

6:22 AM

Dear Entrepreneur:

This business could generate a cool $25k over the next six months (or maybe more) – if you approach it the right way. Let me explain…..

Google, Yahoo! and Bing receive more than 85% of the search traffic on the Internet, according to some experts. Some experts think the number is closer to 90%! But whatever the number we’re talking about MONSTER traffic….to the tune of more than 9 billion searches per day!

Maximizing search traffic for your clients is where this incredible business comes into play.

Here’s a little-known truth…


How This Free Account Becomes Your ATM

Imagine having hundreds or thousands of people gladly handing you money each and every day.  A fantasy too many, a reality to those who know this secret…

Harnessing the power of this craze, you could learn exactly how they do it. You don’t need to be a ‘techie’ – you just need to smell a no-brainer profit from something that’s insanely popular…!

All you need is a free account and one crucial piece of ‘code’…

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In order for a website to be ranked prominently in the Google search results (or any engine which uses the same algorithm technology) – it must have legitimate back links. A back link is a hyperlink from one website to another.  In fact, hyperlinks are what make the World Wide Web work.

Here’s another interesting tidbit for you….it’s called “back link hierarchy”.

Hierarchy is simply an arrangement of items. And in this case it’s an arrangement of back links. Don’t worry…..I won’t go “tech” on you! A back link from just any old website is not a big deal.

If someone wants to increase his or her position in Google search result pages they need back links from “important” websites. Obviously everyone thinks his or her website is important. But I’m talking about being “important” in Google’s eyes.

Here’s the deal…

An important website according to Google is one which has a high PageRank, traffic, and links to other sites.

***** Mystery Web Services Business Revealed! ****

This business I’m talking about acquiring backlinks from “important” websites to your client’s website. The demand for this service is huge….and growing like wildfire. If you don’t think there’s a demand for this service – then DON’T run an ad for it on CraigsList or anywhere else!

If you start marketing this service, you’ll start receiving e-mail inquiries (and phone calls) almost immediately. I posted an ad for this service for an entrepreneur on CraigsList recently to see if there was a demand for it, and I received 14 emails within 24 hours.

And forget about competition. Yes….other people are doing this but not as standalone, focused service. Almost no one provides backlinking services on an exclusive basis.

Granted, a lot of SEO companies offer backlinking services as part of a package but as I said, not as a standalone service!

“How Much Can I Charge for a Backlinking Service”?

You want to make money.  After all, you’re in business to make a profit.


Controversial Government Change Creates Cash Windfall

How would you like to help yourself to cash every Wednesday thanks to the government’s actions?

Anyone could get this and it doesn’t involve being a welfare cheat!

Things are changing and opportunities for fast and easy money are closing fast.

That’s why this one hit me between the eyes…

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But first, you need to become proficient at securing “important” backlinks for your clients – and making it super-easy for people to work with you.  If you’re successful at doing this the money will flow to you in a raging torrent because word travels quickly.

Your fees will need to adapt to the marketplace. Which means you’ll need to do some testing to find your best price point. But don’t worry about this right now.

There is a HUGE demand for this service – and I’ll prove it to you by helping you write your first advertisement.  Let’s concentrate on making the first sale – and then you can “tweak” your charges accordingly.

I think starting off by charging $199 for the first month of service is very reasonable.  For that, you can guarantee to secure a minimum of six viable backlinks from “important” websites for your client – or your service is free (you could say).

Qualified prospects would be required to pay half of your fee up front (via PayPal is best). I think PayPal is the only way to go for a business like this. Plus… most entrepreneurs and website owners are very comfortable using PayPal.

The balance of your invoice could be paid within 30 days … or when you’ve completed your end of the deal.  Documenting the work you do is easy. You can send your clients an Excel spreadsheet which shows the successful backlinks you’ve acquired for them.

Assuming you’re successful – and the client wishes to continue – you could then charge $79 per month going forward acquiring back links for them (or something along these lines).

And just remember … this CAN be an ongoing service! Some clients may only want the service performed one time. But you’ll find some clients who will love the idea of acquiring hundreds of viable backlinks from “important” websites to their sites on a regular basis.

Okay, let’s do the math…

In order to make $25,000 over the next six months, you’ll need 126 clients who will pay you $199 each.

126 x $199 = $25,074

Another way to look at it is you’ll need 16 and 17 new clients per month.  I know this probably sounds like a lot – but we’re talking about a high-demand business service here!  Keep in mind the sample ad I used generated 14 responses, and eight of them became paying customers!

So if you run effective ad copy, to the right audience – you should be able to acquire 16 or 17 paying clients per month without any problem.

But hey … if you only acquire two new customers the first month, that’s fine. The idea is to provide your service to 126 people over the next six months.

On top of that, don’t forget that acquiring new customers on the front end is the hard part.  If only 5% of the 126 customers agree to retain your services on an ongoing basis this will mean about $500 per month (5% of 126 is 6.3 x $79 = $497.70).

Once you’ve successfully backlinked their website with the first phase of your service, they’ll probably come back to you again and again with money in hand.

How Do You Acquire Backlinks From “Important” Websites for Your Clients?

There are dozens of backlink software programs on the Internet which will acquire backlinks for you automatically. Some are better than others.

Here are two good ones:

SEO Elite


These programs can complement your backlink service – but they’ll never replace making one-to-one contact. In other words, the most powerful backlink candidates for your clients will be the ones you get by contacting people directly. This can be done by dropping personal notes to the owners of important sites (or the people in charge of portals).

Ask them if they would be willing to put your client’s link on their website.

Don’t be surprised when most of them turn you down. That’s why most business owners don’t have the time or patience to do this themselves.

In time, you’ll begin to see the value of your service for your clients – and you’ll get really good at acquiring backlinks for them. What’s more, there’s a dirty little secret in the backlink industry that you need to know about: PAID BACKLINKS. You have to be careful with this tactic, and I don’t have time in this week’s issue to explain all of the ins and outs of it.

But there are tens of thousands of “important” website owners who are willing to place link on their sites for your clients… for a price.

Simply present the idea to your clients to see if they’re open to the idea of paying for backlinks. If they are, you can set them up (as part of your service).

Backlink Exchange Networks (or Link Farms) Are a Bad Idea

I would, however, avoid backlink exchange networks like the plague. They’re not worth the time, trouble, or unceasing spam. A backlink exchange or “link farm” is a site that posts a large number of unrelated links.

These are also known as FFA – Free For All sites. Link farm sites – and the links that the site provides – are pretty much useless.

Text link brokers are a different animal. I’ve seen some that work really well. Here are two of them:



I like the approach of both of these companies. LinkBuildingDirect offers a neat backlink package which you could “re-sell” to your clients. This would mean they do the work, and you get paid for it!

So, if your client wanted the whole enchilada, you could guarantee them 270 additional backlinks for $49.95 – which LinkBuildingDirect will charge you $24.95 for. (They also have an affiliate program.)

That’s it!

You now have a great foundation for starting a profitable backlinking service. Please drop me a note with your thoughts, feedback or complaints!

Your Humble Host,

Marc Charles

(Ed Note:  Marc Charles is referred to as “The King of Business Opportunities” ….and for good reason. He should be known as “The King of Legitimate Business Opportunities”…because he’s launched, bought, sold reviewed and advised on hundreds of businesses and money making opportunities. He understands legitimate opportunities. Marc has agreed supply League of Power members with crucial updates regarding legitimate business and money making opportunities.)


Would You Like To Learn The Inside Secrets of The World’s Most Perfect Business?

1. No Staff or office required. If you don’t think these two things are a headache it’s because you’ve yet to experience them!

2. Hardly any/no start-up capital required. If you’re looking for a way to make some money, it stands to reason that you don’t have a lot of spare cash in the first place right?

3. Operate anywhere, anytime. This makes you money 24/7. You just have to decide when and where you want to take action.

4. Complete ‘turn-key’ operation.  Once you’ve arranged everything (a few hours ‘work’ if you can call it that), the whole thing runs on auto-pilot.

Click below for all the details:

**End Sponsored Content**

***Action Strategy***

Post an ad for this service on CraigsList under Services or Resumes.

Keep the headline simple with a benefit (as I did in my example). You should start receiving responses within a few hours. People will typically respond with questions about your service, guarantees, and fees etc.

Put the emphasis on improving your client’s Google PageRank, not on your service.

In other words, it’s not your service which needs to be sold – it’s the importance of improving the client’s Google PageRank!

Your service helps website owners in all of the top search engines which use backlinks in their search algorithm (ie: technology).

You don’t need a website for this service. But it wouldn’t hurt!

You don’t need to spend a lifetime designing a website either! You can post a website quickly and easily with free hosting on DotEasy. They offer banner free hosting too.

You can also use a blog in place of a website! Millions of people prefer blogs over websites because of the ease of running them, without a need for technical expertise.

You can design and launch a free blog at

If you’re starting out in this business (or ANY business) and you don’t have references…don’t sweat it. Just tell prospects you don’t have any because this is a new service. If prospective clients require references just let them go…don’t sweat it! Millions of people need this service and could care less if you have references!

Your offer and proposition plain and easy to understand:

$199 to acquire a minimum of six “important” backlinks … or your money back

Ask for half up front – and the balance upon completion.

Do not forget to follow up with people who responded to your ads and promotions. It may take a couple of e-mails before they’re comfortable enough with you to buy your services.

And don’t have to limit yourself to CraigsList.

There are thousands of places to promote your services for little or no investment, including Google AdWords (can be pricey), ExactSeek (prepaid keywords), Yahoo!, MIVA, 7Search,, LookSmart, and

************ Valuable Resources **************

Search Engine Watch

Webmaster World


Warrior Forum

PR Checker

Google Webmaster Central

GoRank (a link popularity analyzer)

You Can Resell SEO and Backlink Services with These Companies:





Other Useful Tools and Software

SEO Spyglass (back link checker)

Backlink Watch


The Backlink Guru – Eric Ward

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These content links are provided by Both and the web site upon which the links are displayed may receive compensation when readers click on these links. Some of the content you are redirected to may be sponsored content. View our privacy policy here.

To learn how you can use to drive visitors to your content or add this service to your site, please contact us at [email protected].

Family-Friendly Content

Website owners select the type of content that appears in our units. However, if you would like to ensure that always displays family-friendly content on this device, regardless of what site you are on, check the option below. Learn More

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