Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Quadruple Vaxxed Pfizer CEO Catches COVID AGAIN – After Claiming his Vaccine 100% Stopped the Spread

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla is quadruple-vaccinated and has contracted COVID-19 for the second time in the past two months – after claiming that the mRNA injection his company has made billions off of is “100% effective in preventing COVID.” Bourla [...]

September 26, 2022 News

Let’s Red-Pill All of Our Vaccine Fanatic Friends with the Pfizer Phase 3 Clinical Data

It’s been nearly a full year since the Pfizer Phase 3 clinical trial data for the COVID shots came out. The data has been publicly available since November of 2021. It’s RIGHT HERE. Yet the mainstream media and the medical [...]

September 22, 2022 News

British Study Proves That Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis is Killing People

For the first time, a published scientific study in the UK has proven a direct link between the COVID shots and people dying from vaccine-induced myocarditis. It seems like that would be a bigger news story, doesn’t it? Then again, [...]

September 14, 2022 News

CDC Data Reveals More Than 50% of Children Under 5 Who Received the COVID Vaccine Had A Negative Reaction

Vaccine data released by the CDC revealed that the majority of children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years old who received the COVID vaccine ended up suffering from a variety of “local and systemic reactions.” The CDC [...]

September 9, 2022 News

Every COVID Vaccine Test Animal Was Killed Immediately After Vaccination

Saudi Ambassador Muhammad al-Qahtani was giving a speech in Cairo this week. During the speech, he praised Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, who was standing a few feet away from him. During the speech, al-Qahtani’s body suddenly went rigid as [...]

August 15, 2022 News
Doctor Confirms Unprecedented Miscarriage Rates in America Post-Vaccine

Doctor Confirms Unprecedented Miscarriage Rates in America Post-Vaccine

So far in 2022, we’ve heard from fertility doctors in Australia, Canada and the UK who have said the COVID shots are causing massive amounts of miscarriages among women. (Or “people with cervixes” as the New York Times likes to [...]

April 28, 2022 News