Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Joe Biden’s Lame Duck Status is Permanently Established This Week

Americans have a lot of reasons to feel sad this week. Our nation didn’t have to be in such terrible shape. If only the you-know-what had not happened in November 2020, we’d be in much better shape right now. But [...]

September 23, 2021 News

Leftist Media Exposed Faking Matt Gaetz Sex Trafficking Story

The same mainstream media that lies to us about everything would really appreciate it if you would believe them when they claim that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) traffics underage girls across state lines. And if you won’t believe that, don’t [...]

June 18, 2021 News

Trump Declares War on Coronavirus – Without Permission from Congress

Softball question: Who would you rather have in charge of the nation during a potential crisis like a worldwide disease pandemic? Because one of the choices right now is a party that believes that men can turn into women through [...]

February 27, 2020 News

The Webs Next Breakout Hit

Biggest Social Media Trend of 2010 Social Media is one of the least understood web trends to date. Companies large and small are desperately trying to figure out how to harness its power and make a profit from it. Most [...]

October 27, 2010 Easy Street