Thursday, February 29, 2024
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MAGA Controls the Immigration Debate Even with Trump Out of Office

Denver police have arrested at least 50 known members of Al Qaeda in the last two months. The very last thing that America needs right now is an amnesty bill for the massive hordes of illegal aliens that Joe Biden [...]

February 5, 2024 News

Government Provided with Cold-Hard Evidence of Voter Fraud TWO DAYS After 2020 Election – Buried It as they Threw People in Prison for Questioning Results

Government officials were notified of legitimate election fraud having taken place in the 2020 election – and instead of acting to cure it, they simply ARRESTED anybody who wanted to do anything about the fraud! Specifically in the state of [...]

February 4, 2024 News

Dems Use Courts to Rig Elections– BAN 10 Republican Senators from Appearing on Ballot

Democrats in the state of Oregon have hatched a new scheme to rig the 2024 election. The state’s liberal Supreme Court made the election altering ruling to BAN 10 Republican senators from seeking reelection. After Oregon’s Democrat Secretary of State [...]

February 2, 2024 News

High Ranking Biden Official Confirms Biden Has Dementia – Admits the Truth About VP Kamala Harris

A top Biden White House Security official was caught on a hidden camera admitting that our worst fears about Joe Biden and his administration are completely TRUE. Biden’s Cyber Cybersecurity Policy Analyst and Foreign affairs Desk Officer in the Executive [...]

February 1, 2024 News

Remember When Joe Biden’s Alleged Rape Victim Fled the Country & Then Everyone Stopped Talking about Her?

There’s been an awful lot of airtime on the fake news media this week about the $83 million defamation judgment that former Elle magazine anal sex columnist E. Jean Carroll won against President Donald Trump. Tara Reade, the former Senate [...]

January 31, 2024 News

Supreme Court Interrupts Its Schedule for Emergency Trump Hearing

Well, you don’t see this very often. In normal years, the Supreme Court takes a three-week break from hearing oral arguments between late January and mid-February. Not this year, though. They have scheduled an emergency hearing on the Trump v. [...]

January 31, 2024 News
Joe Biden Blamed for the Deaths of 3 American Soldiers KILLED in the Middle East

Joe Biden Blamed for the Deaths of 3 American Soldiers KILLED in the Middle East

The U.S. military recently announced that three American soldiers were KILLED in a drone attack that left an additional 25 injured and once again, the blame falls squarely on American’s INCOMPETENT Commander-in-Chief. These drone strikes were reportedly conducted by “radical [...]

January 29, 2024 News

The CCP Killed the “Red Wave” in 2022 – and Plan to Do it Again in 2024

American intelligence agencies have discovered that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) deliberately interfered in America’s 2022 midterm elections and if we’re not careful – they could do it again in 2024. The CCP deployed a number of different strategies to [...]

January 26, 2024 News

Barack Obama Urging Joe Biden to DROP OUT – Hopes to Install ANOTHER Puppet President

Shadow President Barack Obama is finally beginning to realize that his puppet, Joe Biden, is going to get OBLITERATED by Donald Trump in the November election, so he’s “urging” old Joe to step aside because he’s TERRIFIED about the idea [...]

January 25, 2024 News

House Speaker “MAGA Mike” Johnson Betrays Republicans with Terrible Back Room Spending Bill He Cut with Biden

Remember when Kevin McCarthy was ousted as House Speaker a few months ago, and the RINOs in the House refused to allow the election of MAGA conservative Representatives like Byron Donalds (R-FL) or Jim Jordan (R-OH)? Instead, the whiny, petulant [...]

January 25, 2024 News