Monday, March 27, 2023
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Study: Your Chances of Dying from COVID under Age 50 Are Close to Zero

Here’s a question that you can pose to anyone who thinks that the government did a great job by locking down the economy to respond to the COVID pandemic: Is there anything health authorities did NOT lie to us about? [...]

March 3, 2023 News

DELUSIONAL Lori Lightfoot Argues “Racism” is Reason She Suffered Embarrassing Defeat – Ignores Skyrocketing Crime Caused By Her

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot has FINALLY been ousted and instead of owning the fact that her god awful policies are to blame, she’s trying to blame “racism” and “sexism.” After years of destroying the windy city with her miserable leftist [...]

March 2, 2023 News

MAJOR BOMBSHELL Suggests Mexican Drug Cartels Helped Democrats Rig the Arizona Election

A new bombshell allegation may finally explain what’s going on with the wild Arizona elections – and it’s even MORE CORRUPT than anyone imagined! According to the allegations, state officials have been taking bribes from drug cartels in order to [...]

March 1, 2023 News

53 Percent Myocarditis Rate Detected Among Washington Conference Attendees

In January, hundreds of people from Oregon, Washington and Idaho gathered at the Wenatchee Convention Center in Washington state for the “COVID-19 Pandemic-Response Harms Conference.” It was a chance for many residents to vent their frustration and anger over states’ [...]

February 28, 2023 News

Conspiracy Theorists Were RIGHT ALL ALONG! U.S. Gov. Confirms COVID Came from Lab!

After years of labeling anyone who believed in the COVID lab leak theory as a “conspiracy theorist” or a “threat to Democracy,” the Biden administration has FINALLY admitted that COVID did, in fact, come from a lab. According to a [...]

February 27, 2023 News

Huge Food Merger Could Stop the Unvaccinated from Buying Groceries

If you are unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated against COVID, you are probably getting tired of being the new n-word for the globalists. I know I am. A pandemic came along and those freaks absolutely shredded the Constitution in ways [...]

February 24, 2023 News

INSANE! Biden Official Argues Ukraine Has “No Evidence” of Corruption! Sends Them $2 Billion More of Our Money

The United States has sent more than $100 billion to one of the most corrupt countries in recent history, Ukraine, with ZERO oversight, and in an effort to get the American tax-payer on board with sending MORE (not that it [...]

February 24, 2023 News

Trump TORCHES Biden and Diversity Hire Buttigieg for Turning America into “Third World Country”

Former President Donald Trump traveled to East Palestine, Ohio where residents are suffering from the recent hazardous train derailment and he had a message for Joe Biden and his administration: “Get over here!”  As residents are suffering from the unprecedented [...]

February 23, 2023 News

Trump Finally Addresses How to Overcome Democrat Party Cheating in 2024

More than two years after the greatest act of treason was committed in US history – the 2020 election – I still see a lot of people on social media who are “black-pilled.” These people complain that there is no [...]

February 22, 2023 News

China Calls Biden’s Bluff! Launches More Spy Balloons After U.S. ‘Threatens’ Them

After the Chinese Spy Balloon debacle showed the world how vulnerable the United States is under Joe Biden’s leadership, the Biden regime is ‘threatening’ China, claiming this type of violation will not be tolerated – but China has made it [...]

February 21, 2023 News