Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Reminder: Trump Warned of a Depression if F. Joe Biden Entered the White House

I ran across a quote from President Donald J. Trump today from 2020 and thought it was worth sharing with you, in light of the economic catastrophe that is just barely starting to get revved up under that F. Joe [...]

October 21, 2021 News

‘You Can’t Have Both of Us!’ Conservative Host Dan Bongino Gives Network Vaccine Mandate Ultimatum on Air

Popular conservative radio host Dan Bongino gave his network an on-air ultimatum Monday, warning Cumulus Radio that regarding its COVID-19 vaccine mandates, “You can’t have both of us.” Cumulus carries Dan Bongino’s show on a ton of stations. He just [...]

October 19, 2021 News

Warning & Advice for Parents Protesting Woke School Boards

The FBI is already actively infiltrating parents’ groups to start framing ordinary people who dare to speak out against their ‘woke’ local school boards. Having witnessed what the feds have done to patriot groups, the Tea Party, black rights’ groups [...]

October 15, 2021 News

America’s Best Governor Offers to Save Christmas Since Biden Can’t or Won’t

The USA is about to go through a type of pain that very few living people can remember: Massive shortages of basically everything. Most of the causes of this crisis can be traced back to a single source, who is [...]

October 14, 2021 News

Airline Pilots Remind America How It’s Really Done

Every time a large gathering of Americans gets together these days, spontaneous chants of “Let’s Go, Brandon” break out. It’s beautiful. Joe Biden seems to have succeeded in his promise to be a “uniter.” Although it looks like we’re not [...]

October 12, 2021 News

Kyrsten Sinema Not Returning Biden’s Calls after Bathroom Assault

Many have been wondering for the past couple of months whether Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) or Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) will jump ship first by switching parties and handing the Senate majority back to Republicans. After the antics of Joe Biden’s [...]

October 8, 2021 News

Swamp Creature Merrick Garland Has a Huge Conflict of Interest

America really dodged a bullet when Senate Republicans held firm and kept Merrick Garland off of the Supreme Court. After seeing what a rabid, communist zealot Garland has been as Joe Biden’s corrupt Attorney General, can you imagine the damage [...]

October 7, 2021 News

Brits Horrified by AZ Audit Results – When Will the Republican Party Notice?

Will wonders never cease? The British media has finally started to notice that America is “struggling to implement democracy,” as the Russian foreign minister poetically put it back in December of 2020. An article in the Sunday Times in London [...]

October 5, 2021 News

Audit Observers: Boxes of Ballots Were Clearly Counterfeited for Biden

All of the 1,500 citizen volunteers who helped with the Maricopa County, Arizona forensic election audit were required to sign strict Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). An NDA forbids a person from talking to others and especially to the media until a [...]

October 1, 2021 News

Biden Admin Blocking Americans from Returning from Afghanistan

The Department of Homeland Security is not allowing an evacuation flight of 117 Americans and Afghan allies to return to the United States, according to Project Dynamo. Project Dynamo founder Bryan Stern told Reuters that 117 people, including 59 children [...]

September 30, 2021 News