Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Biden Admin Giving Hints They Don’t Expect to be in the White House Post January

Joe Biden gave the game away back in 2020 when he boldly proclaimed that the Democrats had organized “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” The Democrats were oddly overconfident in 2020, hiding [...]

May 8, 2024 News

Another Beloved Zoo Animal Murdered by the COVID Vaccines

The mRNA COVID vaccines have claimed the life of yet another beloved zoo animal in America. The latest victim to be murdered by the mRNA shots was Little Joe, a 26-year-old western lowland gorilla at the St. Louis Zoo. It [...]

May 7, 2024 News

Biden DOJ Caught Tampering with Evidence in Trump Classified Documents Case

Joe Biden’s personal attack dog, Jack Smith, admitted that key evidence in the classified documents case has been tampered with to try and frame Trump. Special Counsel Jack Smith confessed that the trump-hating FBI had messed with the boxes of [...]

May 6, 2024 News

Biden Will Surrender US Sovereignty to the WHO in a Matter of Weeks

The 77th World Health Assembly meets in Geneva, Switzerland from May 27 to June 1. In less than four weeks, Joe Biden or his limp-wristed Secretary of State Tony Blinken will be at that meeting to sign American sovereignty away [...]

May 5, 2024 News

House Votes 320-91 to Ban Christian Beliefs in America

The House of Representatives banned the New Testament in America on Thursday night. The vote wasn’t even close: 320-91. Many of us never thought that we would live to see a day when the founding faith of America is banned [...]

May 3, 2024 News

CIA Agent Reveals Shocking Actions Intel Officers Took Against Trump While He was President

Journalist James O’Keefe recently teased that he had evidence to “expose the CIA”, calling it potentially the most “important story of [his] career” and he most certainly did not disappoint! O’Keefe Media Group published an undercover video which features a [...]

May 2, 2024 News

Biden Ramps Up War on Struggling Americans, Forces Households to Pay THOUSANDS More if They Want Hot Water

Joe Biden’s radical government is once again looking to control the American people in the way that only true communists would! The Department of Energy (DOE) is back at it again, unveiling a new set of DISASTROUS regulations which will [...]

May 1, 2024 News

Unredacted Documents EXPOSE Biden White House as the Source of Trump’s Classified Document Charges

If there was any doubt about the fact that the Biden regime is working with the DOJ to persecute President Donald Trump ahead of the 2024 election, newly underacted documents just completely eliminated that doubt! The documents, released by Judge [...]

May 1, 2024 News

Biden Brags about Plans that Will Further Hurt Struggling Americans if He Wins Reelection

Joe Biden is planning to give Americans one of the largest tax hikes in American history to take more money from the American people who he has brought to an unprecedented level of economic despair. The Tax Cuts and Jobs [...]

April 29, 2024 News

BIG: Supreme Court Signals It May Throw Out 1,000 January 6 Convictions

The Supreme Court sent shockwaves through the corrupt Biden Justice Department on Tuesday. The high court announced it wants the DOJ to respond to a petition from a January 6 sightseer who received a one-year prison sentence for peacefully walking [...]

April 27, 2024 News