Monday, March 27, 2023
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The Intelligence Community Orchestrated the J6 ‘Insurrection’ to Complete Democrats 2020 Election Scheme, which Included Turning People Against Donald Trump

The never before seen footage Tucker Carlson has shown over the past two weeks has made it crystal clear that the intelligence community played a MAJOR role in what went down on January 6, 2021. The actions of suspected federal [...]

March 15, 2023 News

Tucker Carlson’s Ukraine Survey of GOP Candidates Shows Surprising Answers

We know that most people find the Ukraine saga super boring, but this was an important development. Tucker Carlson jumped into the fray and sent a survey to every Republican candidate who is running, or rumored to be running, for [...]

March 14, 2023 News

Mike Pence Lies to an Audience about January 6, the 2020 Election, and Donald Trump

In the clearest sign yet that Mike Pence the Betrayer plans to run against his former boss in the 2024 election, he delivered a weepy speech to a roomful of donors and MSM reporters over the weekend. Pence’s speech was [...]

March 13, 2023 News

Multiple Red States Drop Fraudulent Election System, Democrats MELT DOWN!

The Democrats have HEAVILY relied on election fraud in recent years and it seems that it may finally be getting harder for them to do that, with several states ditching a scam voter roll system that has enabled massive fraud [...]

March 10, 2023 News

DEMOCRATS Claim Journalists Who Expose Them Are a Threat, Want to SILENCE Them

It’s no secret that the Democrats HATE the fact that the Twitter files publication revealed Joe Biden and their party’s massive state-sponsored censorship, but now things are getting scary, as the leftists are saying that journalists are a threat to [...]

March 10, 2023 News
IT KEEPS GETTING WORSE! Fauci Silenced Former CDC Chief as Part of COVID Cover-Up

IT KEEPS GETTING WORSE! Fauci Silenced Former CDC Chief as Part of COVID Cover-Up

America’s least favorite doctor, Anthony Fauci, is finally getting his due. For the last two and a half years this man has lied to the public on a range of topics. First we learned he lied to us about masks. [...]

March 9, 2023 News

Google Searches for “Maternity Clothes” Plummeted Since the Vaccine Rollout

Remember when the media fretted about how we were going to have a baby boom during the lockdowns? The reasoning was that because people were forced to stay indoors to avoid COVID, everyone would get frisky and we’d see a [...]

March 8, 2023 News

Report: FBI Tried to Arrest 140 People Just for Riding a Bus to the January 6 Protest

An FBI whistleblower has reveal that Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland and the FBI are trying to arrest Trump supporters who simply traveled to Washington, DC for the January 6 Election Justice Protest. These people aren’t being accused of [...]

March 7, 2023 News

Democrat Gavin Newsom Leaves Cali Residents STRANDED In Mountains; Takes “Personal Travel” Trip

California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom just proved AGAIN how bad he is at his job – abandoning THOUSANDS of trapped residents in his state during a major crisis. Newsom – who has said he’ll run for the presidency in 2024 if [...]

March 6, 2023 News

Is Joe Biden DONE?! 3 Top Campaign Strategists Turn Down Offers to Work On His 2024 Campaign

While Joe Biden seems to think the American people want him to serve a second term as President of the United States – political insiders seem to know the truth about his chances in 2024. Three top campaign strategists have [...]

March 3, 2023 News