Sunday, June 26, 2022
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New Mexico Supreme Court Orders County to Certify Fraudulent Primary Results

County commissioners in Otero County, New Mexico decided a few days ago that they could not in good conscience certify the primary election results that Dominion Elections Systems’ counting machines had returned. Much like the results in DeKalb County, Georgia’s [...]

June 21, 2022 News

New Mexico Spending COVID Relief Funds on Illegal Alien Tuition

File this away as example number 1,276,482 that America’s political leaders hate their own constituents with a burning passion. The Democrats running New Mexico have figured out a creative way to spend all the tax dollars you sent to that [...]

April 19, 2022 News

Is Living “Off the Grid” a Fantasy? What About Doing Business and Making Money?

The short answer is yes! Living “off the grid” is feasible. There are boatloads of options when it comes to business, working and making money. I talk about living “off the grid” because of my interest, but also because of [...]

August 15, 2014 Weekend Business Blueprint