Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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Four Years Later, FBI Admits Russian Potty Dossier Was Utterly False

Gordon Liddy died this week. 48 years after Liddy helped to orchestrate the Watergate break-in that ended Richard Nixon’s presidency, there are still unanswered questions about the burglary. That’s why none of us should get our hopes up too high [...]

April 1, 2021 News

Judge Reinstates Tax Evasion Case Against Clinton Foundation

A former DEA official and corporate tax expert blew the whistle on Bill and Hillary last year. Now they face tax evasion charges despite the best efforts from deep state Democrats to have the allegations dismissed. It’s a long-standing open [...]

October 30, 2020 News

Democrats Prepping to Destroy Electoral College, Install “President Pelosi” as Part of Biden Battle Plan

Stock up on food, bullets, water and guns, because the Democrat Party is on a kamikaze mission in 2020. The upcoming election is “do or die” as far as they are concerned, with you and the US Constitution doing the [...]

September 3, 2020 News

What Happens if Creepy Old Joe Kicks the Bucket Tomorrow?

It seemed like the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell this summer was the final nail in the coffin of Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambitions. For those that don’t know Maxwell is cooperating with authorities and she has had A LOT to say [...]

August 14, 2020 News

Epstein Docs Unsealed: Looks Like We Can Finally Count Hillary Out in 2020

If you thought that the Russian collusion hoax was bad, wait until you hear what Robert Mueller and James Comey did with Jeffrey Epstein’s victims. I’ve been noting for the past several years that Hillary Clinton would do or say [...]

July 31, 2020 News

Bombshell Court Ruling: Steele Dossier “Inaccurate and Misleading” to Ensure a Hillary Clinton Presidential Win

Members of the fake news and establishment media who falsely claimed President Trump colluded with Russia suffered yet another blow to their credibility. A British judge recently ruled that ex-spy Christopher Steele will have to pay damages for the “inaccurate [...]

July 17, 2020 News

Hillary: Hope You Don’t Slip on a Banana Peel, Sleepy Joe!

It looks like they’re actually going to take Joe Biden out and replace him with Hillary Clinton. Biden has a serious #MeToo problem now that the former employee accusing him of sexually assaulting her in a dark hallway in the [...]

May 1, 2020 News

Biden’s Pick for VP Will Be the Real Nominee. Unless…

This Democrat primary has been one of the craziest races I’ve seen in my lifetime. And I don’t mean crazy as in “zany” or “fun” – but crazy-crazy, to paraphrase Whoopi Goldberg. The Republican primary in 2016 was chaotic, but [...]

March 12, 2020 News

Bloomberg Doesn’t Actually Want to be President, Has Secret Plan to Keep Bernie from Being Nominee

We’ve been learning a lot about the past comments of miniature billionaire oligarch Michael Bloomberg now that he’s getting a lot of media scrutiny in the 2020 race. Bloomberg told an audience last year that fighting for the unalienable right [...]

February 20, 2020 News

Good for Him: Carter Page Sues DNC Over Fake Russian Potty Dossier

Patriotic American Carter Page has filed a federal lawsuit against the Democrat National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton’s law firm Perkins Coie over the fake Russian potty dossier. He’s suing to clear his good name, rake in a boatload of [...]

January 31, 2020 News