Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Vax Censorship: Google Suppressing This Term to Protect Pfizer & Moderna

Santino Godoy Blanco was a cute, energetic 4-year-old who was chosen to be Argentina’s poster-boy for the Covid shots. Was. His face is plastered all over Argentina as part of that nation’s “Activas Vacunas!” (“Active Vaccines!” or “Go Vaccines!”) campaign. [...]

November 23, 2022 News

Stunning New Documents PROVE Federal Agencies Helped Rig the 2020 Election for Biden

Leaked internal documents have confirmed what many suspected – federal government agencies under the Biden regime are working closely with America’s tech giants to conduct widespread censorship of conservatives and prop up the Democrats’ narratives. According to Cybersecurity and Infrastructure [...]

November 1, 2022 News

Ballot Counting Anomaly Identified in 97% of Georgia Counties in 2020

Williamson County, Tennessee held a local election a year ago on October 26, 2021. As the ballots were being run through Dominion Voting Systems counting machines, an election worker was jotting notes down on a Post-It. They noticed something strange. [...]

October 13, 2022 News

Report Confirms Federal Government Worked to Censor Conservative News Sites During 2020 Election – And its About to Happen Again!

A disturbing new report confirms that globalist nonprofits, academic institutions, and one private company all teamed together with arms of the federal government and Democrat activist groups in order to censor conservative news sites in the months before the 2020 [...]

October 4, 2022 News