Saturday, July 20, 2024
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The Trump Assassination Attempt Was a Green Flag Attack – at Minimum

Until we see evidence that proves otherwise, we should assume that the Biden White House was directly behind the shooting and attempted assassination of Donald Trump last weekend. None of the evidence that we’ve seen thus far suggests otherwise. Joe [...]

July 17, 2024 News

Democrats Turn to Sinister New Solution to Get Trump Off the Ticket After SCOTUS Blocks their Lawfare Campaign Against Him

The Supreme Court ruled that President Trump DOES have immunity from prosecution when it comes to the official acts he took during his time as president and the Democrats are responding in the most sickening way possible. Democrats have been [...]

July 2, 2024 News

Democrats are Already Working on their Next Plan to Get Rid of Donald Trump– And It’s Worse Than Anything You Can Imagine

The Democrats got exactly what they wanted out of the rigged NYC show trial – allowing them to trade the term “fascist” for “felon” when spreading anti-Trump propaganda. But there’s only one small issue – it hasn’t panned out quite [...]

June 9, 2024 News

Joe Biden Goes 1 for 3 in Foreign Assassination Attempts

The safest bet when things get crazy out there in the world is always to assume that the “news” is lying to you and draw your own conclusions from there. In a five-day span between Wednesday and Sunday, we just [...]

May 20, 2024 News