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Legitimate Fast Cash

“Can You Recommend Some Ways to Generate Cash Fast?”

Question: Dear Marc: I’ve been hoodwinked by money making opportunities in the past. Can you recommend some legal and legitimate ways to generate cash fast? B.R. Henderson, NV

Answer Marc Charles:

Hi B.R:

It’s good to hear from you…..thanks for the question. I’m sure the same question is on a lot of people’s minds…and so this week’s issue will be a perfect fit!
I’ll get into specific ways to generate cash fast in a second. But believe me …..

I’ve been in your shoes more than once!

More than 23 years ago when I was a newlywed entrepreneur, working two jobs with a small business on the side, and I had to produce $1500 cash… I didn’t have the time to run newspaper ads, send sales letters through the mail and heck…the web didn’t exist!


Have You Received Your Code Yet?

To most people, this series of 140 numbers and letters mean absolutely nothing. They go on using it daily without truly using it to its full potential.

But if you follow just a few simple instructions… you could cash in as little as a few minutes a day.

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And so…..I went door to door and asked homeowners if they would like their interior and exterior windows washed.

I had my insurance guy write a simple liability umbrella policy with a large deductible. It cost me under $100.

I wore my driver’s license with a clip on my shirt so homeowners could check me out if they wanted to. On the back of a cheap business card I imprinted the names and phone numbers of three reputable local businessmen as references.

Anyway, I secured six orders in just a few hours! I soon realized homeowners were willing to pay complete strangers to wash their windows!

Granted, most of these homeowners were not qualified prospects, meaning most of them had never paid someone to wash windows before….they usually did it themselves (or forced their kids to do it).

My average fee for washing windows on most homes was around $150 for the exterior, and $175 for the interior, or $300 for both. I performed the service early in the morning….and late afternoon. In seven days I completed six homes for a total of about $1800.

I had to deduct insurance, supplies, a shirt clip for my license and some cheap business cards, which came to around $150. Though my net profit on this little venture was around $1650.

But people always ask me, “Yeah….that was then, what about now?!”

Last month I helped my daughter launch a pet sitting service. She obtained six clients in about 10 days. She also has micro-graphic design business which she does on a freelance basis for companies on the web.

My youngest son started a bait supply service this spring. He’s only 9 years old! He loves catching minnows in seine net and selling his bounty to the local bait shops. The bait shop owners think its “cool” a young kid would do something like this….and they love paying him!

In 2006 I helped my oldest son launch an exclusive search engine optimization service, and it’s still going strong today. My son also offers gaming console repair, custom built PCs and networking “advice” (for a fee).

Anyway, I’ve mentioned these cash producing services because they work! If you need cash….you need to be willing to take action to get it.

I’ve helped hundreds of people generate cash fast….and I’ve done it myself so I know what I’m talking about. I’m confident I can help you too. Let’s get to it!

The methods for generating cash fast in this week’s issue are legitimate.

They’ve been performed by myself or by others and have been proven to work.

Granted, all of the methods are not going to be a good fit for everyone.

Simply use the information as a guide…and then ACT on one of the methods to generate some cash for yourself.

However, all of the methods require taking ACTION:


The ‘Bug’ in Your Bank

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There’s 9 ‘bugs’ in the big-banks’ super-computers and they’ve already made a few people on the inside rich…

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Sell something on eBay You probably have more stuff and valuables than you think you do. Make some fast cash with it.

Sell something on This site is similar to eBay but targeted toward video games, DVDs, Bluray and books. Huge traffic = fast sales

Sell your blood or plasma You can still donate blood from time to time but you can sell it too. Check out licensed facilities in your town.

Sell your hair has been featured on hundreds of talk shows and TV programs. But there are dozens of other reputable companies out there too.

Sell your sperm or ovaries There are facilities throughout the country and world where you can sell sperm and ovaries – AdvancedFertilityCare in AZ is one.

Become an errand baron This is an easy way to help people and earn money at the same time. You can be in a small town or big city. If you can tell ten friends or family members you are available the orders should start flowing to you.

Wash Windows (storefronts, residential, auto dealerships, historical buildings, etc.) Yes….the market is crowded. But a crowded market means people are spending money.

Write Resumes for People Looking for Work – There are some great software programs which enable to write job getting cover letters and resumes (for hire). WinWay is a good program and there are many others.

Gather sea shells sell them to craft shops or online (also to overseas companies via Large craft suppliers like Oriental Trading buy craft supplies too.

Gather driftwood on beaches and it sell to craft stores and online (also to overseas companies via Large craft suppliers like Oriental Trading buy craft supplies too.

Mow lawns – You don’t have a way to transport lawn equipment? No problem! You can grab used lawn mowers for a few dollars; leave it at your customer’s location. Sometimes homeowners have his or her own equipment…offer a deep discount if you use their equipment.

Sell live bait to local bait stores, campgrounds and sporting goods stores This includes minnows, fish, frogs, leeches, worms and other stuff. Start a worm farm!

Dog walking service – This service is a no brainer and it’s a cash cow in large (hip) metro areas. Fees range from $50-$195 per week (and up) per dog, walking five days per week. Four dogs at $100 is $400! Hey, don’t forget about in-door cats…they need fresh air too!

House sit for vacationers – A close friend made $2000 to house sit for two months (in a multi-million dollar home). All you do is baby sit the house and in some cases mow the lawn and keep in clean! My friend did it while working his normal business.

Make Christmas wreaths – My good friends (A.D. and J.D) have made Christmas wreaths for 9 years. It costs them about $2 per wreath for supplies, and they wholesale them for $10, or retail them for $40 (and up).

Make and sell candles to craft stores and retail gift shops – For some reason candles are still hot….pun intended! It’s easy and the kids have a blast doing it. Large craft suppliers like Oriental Trading buy craft supplies too.

Call center service (receive telephone & email orders for retailers and/or infomercials) All it takes is a separate phone. But can include online order taking and online chat support. Sometimes you need to be available at specific times when TV commercials run. A 24 hour call service is an option too. It requires a little more work, but people are doing it. AnswerConnect sometimes retains freelance order takers.

Make money writing personal letters (write letters to shut-ins, prisoners, military personnel and senior citizens). People are super busy and so they often retain friends, family or companies to write letters to family members or acquaintances. Heck…sometimes people outsource birthday, anniversary, wedding and other types of cards!

Money Broker (Find money for people) Money brokering is a big business and great service. Don’t believe me? Check out International Wealth Success to learn more about becoming a money broker.

Make money as a co-signer. People need co-signers all the time. This isn’t just for people with bad credit, bankruptcy problems or other problems. Sometimes successful entrepreneurs or real estate developers simply need a second signature to close a deal. You can Google the topic to learn more about becoming a co-signer for pay.

Junk Removal I paid a local kid $50 to haul a large pickup full of debris, clippings and tree stumps to the dump…..twice. People need this service and are paying money to get it done!

eBay Reselling or Arbitrage Buy something super cheap and sell it for a profit. You can do this if you understand how eBay works in the real world.

Get Paid to Write Software Reviews (Go to or to CNET to find companies with no reviews) Download software, try it and review it for cash. Seriously.

Get Paid to Write Book Reviews (, Barnes and Noble, etc) Anyone who has written a book (including yours truly) will tell you the book is easy…marketing it is the problem. New authors and self published authors need convincing reviews. Do you see the opportunity here?

Get Loans for People with Bad Credit Bad Credit is big business. A fellow entrepreneur and friend owns a payday advance facility. He makes 80% of his revenue on people with really bad credit. You can advertise your service locally or better yet online, on places like CraigsList and Google.

Deliver Vehicles (which can’t be delivered by traditional means – fire trucks, buses, dump trucks, RVs, limousines, etc.) I’ve delivered RVs, classic cars and a dump truck! Take a short vacation, have fun driving a different kind of vehicle and get paid.

Sell raincoats and umbrellas at events (buy for pennies on the dollar) T.M. made more than $800 selling raincoats and umbrellas at World Cup soccer events over a two week period.

Instant weatherization services (impending storms, hurricanes, tornados, floods, or to get ready for winter/summer) People always wait until the last minute to get this done. If you don’t mind pushing the envelope, and you’ve got tools, you can render a great service…quickly.

Restaurant gift cards (you can buy these at a discount and resell for a profit) You can print up inexpensive gift cards for local restaurants and sell them at a premium. There are a ton of other ways to make money with restaurant gift cards too.

Sell eBooks on ClickBank Granted, this is not always FAST cash. But it is a great way to make money. You can become an affiliate for a bestselling ebook and make a percentage of the sale. You don’t even need a website…you can use the author’s site. Drive traffic and sales with Google or hundreds of other PPC networks.

Babysitter or nanny temp (still a high-demand service!) You know what this is….and believe me….it’s a super high-demand service. If you have high end character references, copies of a legal background check and a loving demeanor….you’ll have more work than you can handle.

Clean and/or paint pools (you would be amazed how many people would jump on this service) A friend of my son cleans Paslode nail guns, compressors, paint sprayers, lawn mowers and more on the weekends. He’s turning away work!

Deliver pamphlets or menus for local restaurants or nightclubs (if the menus are professionally designed it can produce significant foot traffic). You can also deliver flyers for other companies. One time I handed out 500 color brochures for a Tupperware representative for a commission of $10 on each sale. I sold 35 sets in one day and made $350.

Professional garage or barn sale (work on a percentage of sales for people who drop stuff off on consignment) In Maine, if you have an actual barn on a main road or highway you can make a killing.

Clean a restaurant or nightclub kitchen (this is another high demand specialized service…you guarantee to clean everything from top to bottom)

Mobile washing (I made a killing doing this as a teenager, and it’s still a viable service). Rent a mobile high pressure washer. You can wash mobile homes, historic buildings, driveways, pools, cars at auto dealerships and 18 wheel tractor trailer rigs!

1 Hour Auto Detailing (offer your service at self serve and full service car washes….microfiber clothes, buffer and a few materials)

Day camp or after school program (think of the movie School of Rock with Jack Black)

Rent a clown (I’m not kidding. I read about a kid who designed a hilarious clown outfit, and visits hospitals, birthdays, senior centers). Hey…we could all use a laugh….but at $100 an hour you’ll be laughing all of the way to the bank

Collect and sell scrap metal (my son’s friend collects copper, aluminum and stainless steel and sells it to scrap metal yards)

Be a “Temp” (the demand for temporary workers has not been this strong since the Great Depression. Temp workers usually save employers a lot of money…try it!)

Sign up for Clinical Trials (Granted, you’ll become a human guinea pig, but there are a ton of paying gigs)

Rent a Room (take in a boarder at your house. It doesn’t have to be someone down on their luck….it can be for medical resident, temporary nurse, executive or even a self-sufficient elderly person)

Pawn all your stuff (you would be amazed how much “valuable” junk you have!)

Seal Driveways (there’s a great movie; I can’t recall the name, about modern day gypsies scamming homeowners with a bogus driveway sealing service. They used black, water based paint…because it was cheap. When it rained the black paint would wash away!). Yes…there are plenty of scams. But my advice is to offer a legitimate driveway sealing business, with a money back guarantee.

Paint! The old standby…painting houses! I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars painting houses, apartments, offices, grocery stores and even a UPS terminal building. If you can paint trim, interiors and even pools you can make even more. Start out by painting simple stuff like small houses, apartments or barns. You can paint by hand or buy/rent a paint compressor.


How to Profit from Government Spies

Good news: there IS a way to directly get back at the crooks in the establishment who smashed the dreams of generations.

This under the radar opportunity has even been government sanctioned?

Make no mistake, what I’d like to send you could easily be all you need to live a luxury retirement at the expense of the fat-cats who screwed you over:

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That’s it!

These are all proven, legitimate ways to generate cash fast!

Now…it’s time to act!

You’ll notice most of the cash producing strategies in this week’s issue are not digital, or web-based opportunities…with the exception of maybe eBay and…but even those are dealing with physical things.

Be on the lookout for Internet and “web-based” cash producing secrets in a future issue!

Have fun.

Your humble host,

Marc Charles

(Ed Note: Marc Charles is referred to as “The King of Business Opportunities” ….and for good reason. He should be known as “The King of Legitimate Business Opportunities”…because he’s launched, bought, sold reviewed and advised on hundreds of businesses and money making opportunities. He understands legitimate opportunities. Marc has agreed supply League of Power members with crucial updates regarding legitimate business and money making opportunities.)

*******Action Strategy **********

It’s simple. If you need to generate some cash fast just make a list of three of four methods in this week’s issue…and pick one you can act upon in the next few hours or by the end of the weekend.

Believe me….the first step is always the hardest.

Most of the time we talk ourselves out of taking action because of the fear of failure…or the risk of looking foolish.

But…in reality, we need to take action in order for the money to flow.

Have fun…that’ll make a big difference in the outcome!

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