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Don’t Foucs on This

Today I’d like to share with you an article from one of the League of Power founders, James Sheridan.  James has been involved in dozens of successful businesses, is an active trader, and a bestselling author.  We’ll be sharing a lot more from James in the months ahead.

I think you’ll really enjoy what he has to share, especially today.


Mark Patricks

Well, everyone seems to be getting hot under the collar and sucked into the endless sideshow of the election coverage on TV, and the ‘breaking news’ headlines about how a certain candidate actually showed emotion over something like someone’s lost dog being found. What can I say? I guess that candidate is a human, then, and not an android. Good deal. My life is changed forever because of that revelation…

And I know… I just know that if we can get the right guy into the presidency, all our problems will be solved… won’t they?

Are you kidding?!

I hope so. If you’re waiting for one of these circus-clowns to make it all better, you’re in for a long wait. So let’s storm out of the embarrassingly-biased, dumbed-down media circus tent and focus on steps YOU can actually take to ‘make it all better’.

Please, end it now. Before you do yourself an injury.


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In case it needs restating, a League of Power member is largely indifferent to the media hype, lies, and the ‘dog and pony show’ we call elections. Why? Because all a Member focuses on at a professional level is accomplishing his or her goals of wealth, power, and freedom. Ranting about things mostly out of your control has NO BEARING WHATSOEVER on achieving your financial freedom, and financial freedom is why we’re here.

What’s that you say? You think you can actually sway people to vote the way you want them to? Even though their parents voted that way and so will their children (nobody actually thinks about why they vote a certain way, they just subconsciously aim to please parents). Unless you’re skilled at Jedi mind tricks, good luck with that…

“But this is a democracy! It’s un-American not to care about your vote!” Go ahead and vote. Just limit the time you spend on the whole fiasco. And yes, this is a democracy. A system where majority rules… a majority of people who KNOW NOTHING about economics, history, etc. and who haven’t even been outside America, let alone understand foreign policy!

The only reason a League of Power member would take an interest in anything the sheep (read: mass population), the media, or politicians are up to, is to consider how it affects his goals in life.

For example, how a certain foreign policy affects the oil price and how he could trade on that information? Or how illegal government money-printing affects interest rates and the price of gold? Or social trends set by the sheep that indicate which businesses to get involved in or how to position web traffic? Which candidate is likely to tilt some of these things a certain way?

And if saving the planet or campaigning for whatever really is your calling, become financially free so you can pursue this. Either way, it all comes down to freeing up your time.

So on a daily basis, within the spare hours you’ve set aside to accomplish your personal goals, ask yourself: “Is whatever this activity is/whatever I’m ranting about going to help me get to my goal of XYZ?”

If the answer is a big, fat NO… then cut it the hell out and get back to what you should be doing!

So, next question: What is that goal we’re referring to here? You do have a personal and very specific goal, don’t you…? I mean, have you been through the requisite training on The League of Power Course?

If you have, then great. But I’d like to add something/refresh that part of the course with some thoughts I’ve had of late regarding goal-setting…

If I ask you right now what your specific personal goal is this year and within the next five years, what would you say?

If you just gave your computer screen a blank or embarrassed look, it’s time to take a long, hard look in the mirror. About you. About what you actually want in life.

If you don’t have a goal, how can you possibly achieve it?!

“Make Money” is not a goal. That’s a vague statement that applies to everyone. You already make money. What is it you actually WANT?

“Pay off my debts.” This is better (only just) because it has an element of specificity about it. Your debts are a specific amount, so this equates to a lump sum of money you wish to make. I also like this because paying off consumer debt is the first step of the journey to financial freedom. Let’s say your debts are $123,456.

Next. When are you going to make $123,456 by, and how are you going to make it?

This is the question you should be concerning yourself with, not which moronic puppet will be the president next year, because I can tell you now, whoever the president is, the world economy is NOT going to be kind, and ALL candidates will stand behind the basic status quo, regardless. “Change” is a popular campaign sound-bite but it NEVER happens. So you’d better be prepared… as in well on the path to financial independence by focusing on YOU.

So let’s answer this question of when and how you’re going to make $123,456…

Something like: “I’m going to make $123,456 by 1/1/14.”

Great. Now we can work backwards and break down what we have to do in these next two years, month by month, day by day. “What do I have to do today so that I ‘magically’ end up at my goal come that date? Hmmm. Let’s see what my calendar entry says…”

How are you going to do it? The fastest ways are by an Internet business, a financial trade, or a property deal. We have many opportunities that give you all you need to achieve that. So check them out, because if you don’t like any of them you can always send them back. I have a LOT more respect for someone who refunds a product than the person who whines about being broke but doesn’t even investigate a bona fide opportunity.

So far, so good. But here’s where I’d like to add a couple of fresh thoughts…

First. The problem with that goal we just set is it’s not going to get your juices flowing, it’s not going to motivate you in that the end result is not, in itself, exciting. What you need is a vivid picture of something to strive for, something that will really excite you, and simply paying off debts won’t suffice. And neither will being financially free or retired. These are vague goals.

So you have to explore your soul a bit, and this can be tricky. What do you love doing? What would you do on your ideal day? What did you love as a child? Any career dreams you gave up on? Who is the real you- before life sunk its fangs into your soul…? Financial freedom gives you this gift. This is the true pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…

You see, answer this question honestly and you will be suddenly energized to make it happen. Your inner soul will awaken and will fuel you towards your passion. “Make Money” or “Pay off debts” isn’t a goal, and you certainly aren’t going to be truly excited about achieving it.

Second. Strive for wealth for the right reasons…

If your goals include buying a brand new Mercedes, there’s nothing wrong with that… as long as it genuinely excites you at some passionate level… AND as long as you’re not doing it to impress others or keep up with the Joneses…!

As someone who’s owned outright an Aston Martin, a 30-foot Sea Ray, a private aircraft, etc. etc., I can tell you now, my friend, NOBODY IS IMPRESSED.

That’s right, NOBODY.

You won’t impress people with toys, you will make them jealous. This is the harsh reality of people, especially men. Get real.

So if your shiny new Mercedes is on your goal list, whose goal are you aiming for? Yours or The Joneses? Screw the Joneses. The Joneses are a bunch of superficial clowns who are treading water on credit- if they lost their month-to-month existence tomorrow all that stuff would evaporate in a puff of smoke!

Listen, you don’t need a million dollars to live like a millionaire. When you’re doing something you love every day (that’s YOU, not anyone else), you are living a richer life than most millionaires. A big house and a fancy car will only give you so much. If you discover your lifelong dream always was to live in a cabin in Montana and do oil paintings all day, then you may even have enough to retire already.

You see, if you can get your head around this, that all the trappings probably don’t need to be in your goals, something amazing happens with your goal-plan…

Your goalposts scoot a LOT nearer, a lot more achievable.

So please get yourself back on track and value your time, it’s the most precious commodity there is. And set a proper goal NOW.


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Speaking of commodities, the markets are certainly acting weird lately. Part of my commitment to you in this newsletter is to look out for those few superb trading opportunities we see in a year, and this year isn’t showing its hand yet. The reality of the employment picture is that it’s easily twice as bad as the official statistics show (because of the convenient criteria they use where, for example, someone who’s been unemployed for over a year isn’t even counted!), but corporations are flush with cash.

Gold is another tricky one, and it seems like only yesterday League of Power told you to buy gold when it was hovering around $800 an ounce (it’s around $1600 an ounce now!). But now, I’m neither buying or selling- I’m sitting on it. Gold isn’t a bet, its insurance. If you haven’t bought any gold, despite League of Power nagging you to death about it for the last FOUR YEARS, it’s tricky. Some people I know are just buying a small amount each month, regardless of the price.

Another paradox. The VIX (a measure of market volatility) is priced low, as if people don’t expect any trouble. But people are still mostly parked in Treasury bills as if they’re worried. Very strange, and this contradiction can’t last. I like the VIX at these levels (early twenties as I write), AND I like TBT at these levels (around 18 as I write)- TBT increase in value as Treasury’s decline. You could buy both and hedge…

And if you have any questions you’d like to appear in future issues, please send them to [email protected] with the heading: “Newsletter Question”.

On a personal note, I’m about to get on a plane to England as I push the ‘Send’ button. The weather is a lot colder there, but seeing my twelve-year old son’s smiling face makes it all worth it. He’s going to school there, and he spends his school holidays in sunny Florida with me. Speaking of using time constructively, he sent me an email a few days ago that asked me if I was on Facebook as he’d just put his own page up. Personally, I won’t waste a second of my time putting ‘updates’ on Facebook about what I watched on TV last night, or ‘Tweeting’ about the fact that I’m doing the ironing or whatever. But how can I tell that to a young boy who’s all excited about Facebook? Ah, the joys of parenthood, right…?

My friend, do take care… until next week…!


James Sheridan

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These content links are provided by Both and the web site upon which the links are displayed may receive compensation when readers click on these links. Some of the content you are redirected to may be sponsored content. View our privacy policy here.

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