Friday, February 26, 2021
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Sad: Russiagate Memo Proves Jeff Sessions Betrayed Trump

Here is one of the open questions that many of us have had about the whole Russia hoax all this time: Whose side was then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions on? Was Sessions just naïve when he recused himself from the Russia [...]

January 29, 2021 News

Raise a Glass to the Greatest President of Our Lifetimes

I spent six years of my professional career working to get a pro-America nationalist president elected in this country. That effort started in 2010. In 2012, after Roger Stone held a meeting with a group of Trump insiders to try [...]

January 19, 2021 News

Trump Declassifies “Foot-High” Stack of Russiagate Docs

At long last, the American public is on the verge of finally learning the full truth about the Russiagate hoax. President Trump is set to declassify a “foot-high stack” of Obamagate and Russiagate documents within the next few days. It [...]

January 15, 2021 News

How Slavery Still Exists

The Shocking Truth about Modern Day Enslavement Slavery, it’s still happening in this country; in fact, it’s happening across every nation. Don’t think that just because we have entered the 21st century slavery still doesn’t exist. It absolutely does. All [...]

January 13, 2020 Freedom by Friday

Profit from E-Book Publishing

E-Book Publishing Profits Book publishing has entered a new era. Books have moved away from paper to digital, or e-books. Much like what happened to the music industry and CDs when MP3 players such as the iPod hit the market, [...]

January 10, 2020 Weekend Business Blueprint

Ever Think About Retiring Early?

I Made A Million Dollars Last Year, Working Just A Few Hours A Week Using A Protocol I Didn’t Invent! It was always my dream to retire early. I just never thought I’d be able to retire this early, while [...]

January 6, 2020 Freedom by Friday

Quick Profits Start Today

Quick Profits for Your Online Business So you’ve started your online business, built up your website, and have carved out a nice little niche you’re sure has profit potential. Time for the money to start rolling in. What’s that? You’re [...]

January 3, 2020 Weekend Business Blueprint

Do Something Insane Today

Do Something Insane Today You’re insane if you think you are going to get rich by working for the man and saving a bit of cash and contributing to your 401(K) every year. It can’t be done. Yet people continue [...]

December 30, 2019 Freedom by Friday

A Guide to Recognizing Your Tweets

Using Twitter to Turn a Profit With a network of millions of users, Twitter has become a uniquely effective and fast communications tool. Several terms from Twitter have even entered pop culture – you might hear Jimmy Fallon or Oprah [...]

December 27, 2019 Weekend Business Blueprint

The Million Dollar Sales Idea You’ve Been Waiting For

The Million Dollar Sales Idea You’ve Been Waiting For Running a business can be frustrating, especially an internet based one. I should know I run several. You read all these blogs, subscribe to all these newsletters, buy products and services [...]

December 23, 2019 Freedom by Friday