Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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$40 Billion Ukraine Aid Package to Line Nancy Pelosi’s Relatives’ Pockets

Both houses of Congress have now passed a jaw-dropping $40 billion aid package for Ukraine, which Joe Biden immediately signed. What’s the money for and where’s it really going? We’ll never know for sure, but one Republican congresswoman says she [...]

May 19, 2022 News

Former Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Explains President Joe Biden is Just a “Front Man” for Another Familiar Face

Former Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard revealed that President Joe Biden is not truly in charge – exposing him as a “front man.” Gabbard said that Biden is following orders from former President Barack Obama who once joked about finding a [...]

May 6, 2022 News

Federal Judge Blocks Biden from Unleashing Wave of Illegal Immigrants on America

A federal judge has put a stop to Biden’s attempt to scrap a critical Trump-era border policy which would have unleashed a tidal wave of immigrants into the United States. Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt reported that a federal judge [...]

April 26, 2022 News

Rhode Island Democrats Push Crippling Taxes for Parents of Unvaccinated Children

States like Texas and Florida should start getting ready for a massive influx of new refugees. The Democrats who control the state legislature in Rhode Island are about to make it too expensive for anyone to live there if they [...]

April 22, 2022 News

Medical Officials Baffled at Huge Increases in Hepatitis in Children, Heart Attacks

Dozens of children are suddenly being stricken with a life-threatening strain of unknown-origin hepatitis in the UK, Spain and America. Oh my gosh! Could it be climate change?! Meanwhile, health officials in Australia are throwing their hands up in the [...]

April 21, 2022 News

Vaccinated Model Has Both Legs Chopped Off but It’s Totally Not the Vaccine’s Fault

The FDA has just recently approved a second booster shot of Pfizer and Moderna’s DNA-altering mRNA gene serums that everyone is pretending are “vaccines.” That’s four shots, and according to Joe Biden, you cannot catch or spread COVID if you [...]

April 14, 2022 News

COVID Shots Giving Genital Ulcers to Girls as Young as 5

Every time that we think the news about the COVID shots couldn’t get any worse, a new story emerges that makes normal people want to chase a pharmaceutical executive down the street with tar and feathers. The COVID shots are [...]

April 14, 2022 News

Public Interest Group Exposes Dirty Voter Rolls in Red-State North Carolina

It’s very telling that most conservatives view a dirty voter roll as if it’s a hot bag of poisonous snakes, while liberals view it as a wonderful opportunity. That’s why Democrats will go to any lengths to avoid cleaning up [...]

April 8, 2022 News

Hillary and DNC CAUGHT in Scheme to Fabricate Trump-Russia Lie, Government Issues MASSIVE Fines

Hillary Clinton, for the first time, is facing punishment over her campaign’s role in creating and pushing the Russiagate hoax back in 2016 as the Democrat fought to discredit her opponent Donald Trump to boost her chances of winning the [...]

March 31, 2022 News

Even More 2020 Findings from the Wisconsin Office of Special Counsel

The mainstream media has completely ignored the findings of the Wisconsin Office of Special Counsel, which issued its final report on the 2020 election to the Wisconsin Assembly earlier this month. This is the biggest story in America right now. [...]

March 13, 2022 News