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Cut This Expense Drastically

How to Buy a Nice Car at a Deep Discount for Personal Use (or Resale) without Humiliating Yourself at the Local Dealership!

5:52 AM

Dear Entrepreneur:

You can grab cars, motorcycles, trucks, RVs and boats at deep discounts if you know where to go…and in some cases if you know HOW to negotiate.

This has nothing to do with CraigsList, eBay or “cash for clunkers” either!   I’ll show you how to drive away in a nice car for next to nothing…or at a huge discount.


Are You Smiling?

You’ve got plenty of reasons to be smiling. I understand times are tough but opportunities are abound.

Plus you can stuff some extra cash in your pocket without any expenses.  I mean, what can be better.

Check this out now!

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In 1998 I learned how to “beat the system” from an auto wholesaler.

He said one thing to me I’ll never forget:

“There are millions of cars for sale in the US and Canada right now. If people understood how the game is played they would never pay book value or go to an auto dealership again”.

And my friend knows what he’s talking about. He “wholesales” thousands of cars, trucks and RVs every year.  Most people (including my 82 year old father) prefer to buy cars from local dealerships no matter what discount strategies you thrown at them.

On top of that, most people don’t buy cars with cash.  If you pay cash though you can negotiate even greater deals!  Even if you “pretend” to have cash – you’ll get a better deal.

By the way… dealerships love to finance automobiles because they make more money.

When I sold cars the dealer principle (owner) told me:

“You can sell cars for cash…that’s fine. But we make money “after” a car is sold”.

In other words, the dealership makes money on long term financing, service contracts, warranties, risk insurance, detailing and trade-ins.  What’s more, auto dealerships typically sell the loan to a third party before the ink is dry! But that’s another story.

Let’s get this party started….

One of the best kept secrets in the auto industry is the wholesale auction market. You’ve probably seen the ads for these on the Internet or TV. The commercials tout cars for “ten cents on the dollar” from the US Marshall, FBI, DEA or dozens of other government agencies.  But the services promoted on TV are usually for 2nd tier auction sites.

A “2nd tier” auction means the company running the auction does not own the facility or even the cars at the auction.  This is not the type of auction I’m talking about.  I’m talking about large scale professional wholesale auctions, like those offered by Manheim Auctions.

Manheim was established 1949 as a wholesale vehicle auction operation.  Today, Manheim has more than 32,000 employees at 135 operating locations worldwide!

Manheim is the largest provider of vehicle auction and remarketing services in the world.  In 2009, Manheim managed transactions for more than 10 million used vehicles, representing more than $50 billion in value.  These guys are major players in the wholesale auto auction business.

The downside is Manheim focuses on the wholesale side of the business, which means their primary customers are auto dealers, car rental companies and other retailers.  In order to place bids for automobiles at Manheim’s physical auction location, or online, you need to be a licensed dealer and have an “Auction Access Number” or AAN.

You can apply for an AAN at

However, there’s good news….

Now the “guy on the street” can attend their public auctions! For a complete list of the public auction locations near you click here.

For a complete list of regular Manheim Wholesale Auction sites and dates click here.

In addition, Manheim Auto Auction is NOT the only place to get cars for next to nothing, or at deep discounts. But it’s one of the best.

Do you need financing at the auction? No problem. Manheim Auctions offers financial services too.

If you plan a trip to a Manheim Auction location you can see how it works.

If you don’t find the car of your dreams or a car for a friend or your kids, you’ll still have the time of your life. Auto auctions are a lot of fun.

The Largest Used Car Lot in the World is Now Open for Business

You can also buy automobiles from the US Government!  I know….you’ve probably seen late night commercials for this too.  But allow me to give you the real inside story.  Most of the cars for sale are called “fleet vehicles” – which means they were part of a federal government fleet of 50, 100, 200 or more.

By last count, the US Government had more than 640,000 “fleet” vehicles.  Can you imagine how much space it takes for 640,000 cars?  Operating those vehicles cost US taxpayers about $3.5 billion!

The Department of Homeland Security has more than 41,000-vehicles in its “fleet”.  The US Government “flips” these fleet vehicles on a regular basis – typically when a car reaches about 40,000 miles, or if there’s any damage to them.

This brings up another point…

If you’re willing to purchase a car with minor scratches and dents, you’re going to save even more money! In most cases BIG MONEY.

You can search the “scratch and dent” inventory on the Manheim Auction site, or go to

Most people don’t want to bother fixing scratches and dents.  But if you have access to a skilled auto body person, or if you live near a technical college which has an auto body curriculum – that’s all you need.

Most minor scratches and dents can be repaired for under $1,000.

The US Government enables buyers to purchase cars, trucks, jeeps and RVs at deep discounts.  Granted, working with the federal government requires a lot of patience and legwork.  But when you can grab a car for next to nothing, or at a deep discount, it’s worth it!


Do It Without Savings

Retirement becomes an afterthought for many people when they think about all the bills they have. There’s the mortgage, car payment, insurance, and all the other day to day expenses.

Though what if you could enjoy a luxury retirement without sacrificing one bit…  Even if you’ve ignored saving for years… Click here to read on.

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The good news is the federal government has made it fairly simple to buy cars from them.

The General Services Administration (GSA) operates several public auctions across the country. You can also bid for cars online!  I enjoy attending the auto auctions in person.  It can be a lot of fun (especially if you have teenagers) and you’ll learn more about buying cars in one day then you would in a lifetime!

What’s more, the GSA auctions enable you to physically inspect the cars, and get a quick CARFAX report on your iPhone. CARFAX searches its nationwide database and provides a detailed vehicle history report in seconds.

You can find a GSA auto auction near you here.

I can’t rule out consumer online auction sites like eBay Motors, and either.  The online auto auctions are great, and you can find terrific deals, but you won’t find the same “caliber” of deals as you will in the wholesale auto auction market.

In the wholesale auto market you’re working with people and companies who move thousands of vehicles a week. They’re not interested in playing games or squeezing the last dime out of you. They need to move cars!

For additional information on the wholesale auto auction market checkout National Auto Auction Association

The Secret to Beating the Dreaded Auto Lease

How to Drive Away in a Beautiful Car at Huge Discounts

Auto leasing was originally designed for companies with large fleets of 100 cars or more.  For example, companies like AT&T lease a fleet of more than 8,000 vehicles.  In the late 90’s vehicle leasing became a popular option for small business owners and consumers.  The low cost of entry (usually nothing down) and low monthly payments made leasing a viable option to owning.

But as soon as the automobile manufactures (and dealers) started losing money on auto leases they pulled the plug, and stopped leasing cars.  There are downsides to auto leases in today’s economy.  These include excessive mileage charges, deceptive residual value charges and “excessive wear and tear” charges.

What’s more, most auto leases restrict your mileage usage to 12,000 miles per year.  If you exceed the mileage you can pay up to 20 cents (or more) per mile over your limit. The charge for luxury cars is 30-35 cents.  For example, if you exceed the limit by 5,000 miles you can expect to pay about $1000 at the end of the lease.

Don’t Fall for the Deceptive “Residual Value Charges” or RVC

An auto dealership is in business to make money, not to help you save money.  And so, they’ll use every trick in the book to leverage an advantage.  The residual value charges (RVC) on an auto lease is one of these tricks.

Every car depreciates in value – even if it’s parked in a garage and has no mileage!

The “residual value” of any car goes down the minute you drive it off the lot.  The question is by what degree or percentage does the residual value go down.  It doesn’t really matter because most people are forced to accept a dealership’s assessment.  There’s a simple way to minimize residual value charges.

Demand a Detailed “Excessive Wear and Tear” Report

When you turn in automobile when a lease expires almost every dealership will charge an “excessive wear and tear” charge. It’s one of the ways an auto dealership makes up for any lost revenue on the front end of a lease.  The best way to address this is to discuss the specifics and definition of “excessive” wear and tear BEFORE a lease is signed.  Dealerships tend to be more flexible, and specific, when a customer is knowledgeable. It doesn’t hurt to mention your “legal counsel” when it comes to a lease agreement.

Those are a few of the downsides of an auto lease.  But there are some upside benefits too!  Especially if you can acquire auto leases from owners at super deep discounts.

The economic calamity the past two years has caused hardworking, everyday people to get upside down in his or her auto lease.  In most cases people are desperate to get out of an expensive lease because of a job loss, business failure, bankruptcy, divorce, or for dozens of other reasons.

I discovered a company that helps people get in and get out of leases quickly.  What’s more, the company has been featured in Forbes magazine, Fox Business Channel, CNBC, Time magazine and The Wall Street Journal. But I doubt you’ve heard about it yet.

The company’s auto lease marketplace is called

LeaseTrader was founded in 1998 as an Auto Lease Transfer Marketplace to facilitate the research and lease transfer process for consumers.  It’s the first company to provide the concept of “Authorized Lease Transfers”.

The founders of LeaseTrader realized vehicle leases offered no option for cost-effective early termination. LeaseTrader developed a market place to facilitate this need.  If you think that’s great, you’ll love this…

You can acquire auto leases from consumers at deep discounts, and in some cases pay no up-front costs or down payments! In addition, in some cases lease holders will pay you a cash incentive upon the successful transfer of a lease!

Imagine getting paid to acquire a deep discounted auto lease…it’s incredible.

Here are some recent auto leases on LeaseTrader:

•    2009 Toyota Camry LE – $199 month / zero down / 22 months remaining on lease

•    2006 Toyota Camry CE – $190 month / zero down / 14 months remaining on lease

•    2008 Cadillac CTS WT – – $349 month / zero down / 24 months remaining on lease

•    2007 Saturn ION 3 – – $249 month / zero down / 12 months remaining on lease

•    2007 Buck Rendezvous CXL Sport Utility – – $280 month / zero down / 12 months remaining on lease

•    2007 Dodge Durango SXT – $249 month / zero down / 9 months remaining on lease

•    2008 Audi A4 2.OT – $349 month / zero down / 21 months remaining on lease

These are mind boggling deals for new car leases.  And get this…there are thousands of leases to choose from on LeaseTrader.

On top of that, LeaseTrader website offers a customized search engine which enables you to find exactly what you need based on the auto model, make, year, features, cash incentive, monthly payment, months remaining and additional incentives…like cash!

In most cases there are no down payments and no closing costs whatsoever!

You’ll need to return the vehicle to the nearest dealership upon the lease expiration…but that’s easy.  There are no gimmicks, tricks or fancy paperwork …just return the vehicle and walk away.

Auto lease termination websites are popping up all over the place.

But I think LeaseTrader is the best.

That’s it.  Now you can drive away with a beautiful new car for next to nothing by grabbing one at a legitimate wholesale auction like Manheim or the US Government Auction.

You can also pick-up a deep discounted auto lease from sellers who desperately need to get out it at

Grabbing Cars at Deep Discounts from Private Parties

Most of us have purchased cars, trucks or RVs from private parties.

The problem is most people do not understand the billionaire negotiation tactic I shared with you earlier:

Always Be Willing to Walk Away!

If you’ve done your research on a particular car, truck or RV then you’ll be armed with sufficient information to start the negotiation process.

The research tools I use for discovering actual car values are:

Kelly Blue Book

eBay Motors (the largest used car seller in the world)


I’ll gather all the information I need about a particular car BEFORE I look at a car for sale.  I never make an offer for a car on the first date.

In other words, if I inspect a car and take it for a drive, and like it, I never make an offer for it on the first visit.

Here’s the cold hard fact….

It takes a long time to sell a used car in a booming economy; it takes even longer in a depression. Therefore, despite what a seller thinks or feels….it’s going to take several weeks or months to sell his or her “blessed” vehicle.

I’ll tell the seller I’ve got a list of 10-12 similar cars…and all of them are in “good” shape.  Then…after a take a picture of the car and get the seller’s phone number I’ll walk away.

I’ll wait a few days or a week and call the seller to see if he or she has sold the car (most of the time the answer is no).

I’ll use this type of wording to get the negotiation process started:

“Have you had any serious offers”?


“I’m sure you hate dickering on the price. But do you have a bottom line you would accept right now?

(They always pause…and repeat the price of the car)

“Oh…okay…I’ll offer you __________ today. I’ll bring you cash or check by _____(time).

(Most of the time buyers will accept my offer)

I’ve purchased more than 70 cars using this tactic.  More importantly, and I’ve never paid so-called “blue book” for any car and I’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars.

I taught my son this tactic and he recently purchased a 2003 VW Jetta Turbo for $2,500 less than the asking price!


A REAL Unfair Advantage

The secret’s out…

The single greatest unfair advantage in money-making…

Can now be yours… Click here for details.

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Marc Charles

“The King of Business Opportunities”

(Ed Note:  Marc Charles is referred to as “The King of Business Opportunities” ….and for good reason. He should be known as “The King of Legitimate Business Opportunities”…because he’s launched, bought, sold reviewed and advised on hundreds of businesses and money making opportunities. He understands legitimate opportunities. Marc has agreed supply League of Power members with crucial updates regarding legitimate business and money making opportunities.)

*** Action Strategy ***

If you need a car, and you want it at a deep discount…..then act on the information in this issue.  I’ve given you the “cream of the crop” for find the best deals on cars, motorcycles, RVs and even auto leases!

Have fun and play nice.

Reserve a spot at an auto auction close to your home. If you go you’ll never look at the auto business the same way again! Guaranteed.

****Valuable Resources****


Insurance Auto Auctions

Mecum Auctions

Interstate Auto Auctions

Copart (Buy or sell a car in seconds)

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