Friday, June 14, 2024
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Joe Proclaims Nobody is Above the Law – Except Him and His Family

When President Donald Trump was convicted in a rigged New York trial Joe Biden instantly took to social media saying that “nobody is above the law,” but apparently, that does not apply to the members of his own family. Hunter [...]

June 13, 2024 News

Call for Vaccine Injury Stories Draws 10,000 Immediate Responses

Unless you personally know someone who was injured by the COVID mRNA shots, most of the stories about the harm that this experimental treatment did probably seem farfetched. Could they really have killed one million Americans and severely injured tens [...]

June 12, 2024 News

Ukraine Doing Biden’s Dirty Work?! New “Kill List” Sets Sights on Donald Trump and Conservatives

The Biden regime’s obsession with sending our tax money to Ukraine hasn’t entirely made sense – until now. Sure, they’re fighting a proxy war with the intent of weakening Russia, that much is obvious. But all of the evidence suggests [...]

June 11, 2024 News

Covid Crime Spree: Powerful Democrat Caught Conning Taxpayers out of $15 Million

A former Democrat prosecutor has been found GUILTY of stealing $15 million from the American taxpayers to buy things like a Rolls Royce and a 10-carat diamond ring, even using a portion of the cash to donate to corrupt Fulton [...]

June 10, 2024 News

Democrats are Already Working on their Next Plan to Get Rid of Donald Trump– And It’s Worse Than Anything You Can Imagine

The Democrats got exactly what they wanted out of the rigged NYC show trial – allowing them to trade the term “fascist” for “felon” when spreading anti-Trump propaganda. But there’s only one small issue – it hasn’t panned out quite [...]

June 9, 2024 News

Revealed: Dems Plan to Put MAGA Voters in Concentration Camps

That’s not a conspiracy theory in the headline. A Democrat running for a seat in the House of Representatives accidentally said the quiet part out loud in a Zoom call this week. If the Democrats manage to vanquish Donald Trump [...]

June 7, 2024 News

Georgia Appeals Court Just Blew Up the Fani Willis Case Against Trump

The slow-motion implosion of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’s RICO case against President Donald Trump has been a joy to watch. President Trump now has one less BS lawfare case to worry about between now and the election. A [...]

June 6, 2024 News

GOP Discovers MASSIVE List of Illegal Voters Which Exposes How Democrats Cheat

Democrats LOVE to say that our elections are “safe and secure” while claiming that there has been “no evidence” of any fraud but if this isn’t evidence then I don’t know what is. The state of Arizona SHOULD be a [...]

June 5, 2024 News

Republicans Have Finally Had Enough of the FBI’s Abuses, Rep Jim Jordan Makes Stunning Recommendation to Cull the White House’s Personal Gestapo

Getting the GOP to do anything about the rogue FBI has been maddeningly difficult. Vivek Ramaswamy—a DC outsider—was the only GOP candidate in the primaries earlier this year who consistently called for the FBI to be defunded and disbanded. A [...]

June 4, 2024 News

Trump the Master Campaigner Reemerges After Sham Conviction

How do you spell “backfire?” Eric Trump discloses that in the first three days after his father’s sham conviction, the Trump campaign has taken in more than $200 million in donations—an absolutely stunning amount. Eric also reveals that about one-third [...]

June 3, 2024 News