Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Hunter Biden is Secretly Calling the Shots in The White House, Report Reveals

President Joe Biden reportedly has a secret adviser who is helping him make the decisions that are destroying the country – his drug-addicted son Hunter! Surprisingly enough, the far-left New York Times revealed that senile Joe Biden has been taking [...]

September 22, 2023 News

Did George Soros Just Help the Democrats Steal Elections in Texas… FOREVER?

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has made a name for himself as one of the few patriots in our government who is actually trying to shut down the Democrats’ massive voter fraud operation – which is exactly why the likes [...]

September 22, 2023 News

This All New Group of “Experts” Will Help Biden Rig the 2024 Election

Just in time for the 2024 election, Joe Biden has a new toy to help him rig things just like he did in 2020. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced the formation of new DHS “Homeland Intelligence Experts Group.” This [...]

September 21, 2023 News

Toxicologist Warns Newly Re-Tooled COVID Jabs Contain SV40 Sequences Just Like the Polio Vaccine That Has Been Linked to Cancer

Joe Biden and his regime have been obsessed with the rollout of a new COVID vaccine, but some experts are warning that this injection is possibly contaminated with “dangerous lethal products” linked to previously known cancer-causing jabs. The FDA recently [...]

September 20, 2023 News

Oops: Detroit’s 2020 Election Was Never Certified Which Means Trump Won

Out of all the crimes he committed during his career, it was tax evasion that finally brought Al Capone down. That probably wasn’t the method that Eliot Ness would have preferred, but a win is a win, right? If we [...]

September 19, 2023 News

Disturbing Video Shows PROOF Of Another Democrat Rigged Election

A disturbing new video has revealed that even as the Democrats try to suggest that they would “never dare” rig an election, they’re doing exactly that every chance they get! Mayoral candidate John Gomes’ campaign released a damning video showing [...]

September 18, 2023 News

President Trump Planning Massive Tax Cuts for American Families in His Second Term

The Washington Post is having a hissy fit because President Trump is reportedly planning hyuuuge tax cuts for American families during his next term in office. So much winning! The Post is upset because, like all true-blue globalists, they know [...]

September 15, 2023 News

Hunter Biden Indicted on Federal Gun Charges to Cover-up Biden Family’s True Crimes

Hunter Biden has been indicted on federal gun charges for being in possession of a firearm while abusing drugs and though he could actually face prison time – it’s really just part of the continued cover-up of Hunter’s REAL crimes. [...]

September 15, 2023 News

Mitt Romney Is Out – But Is This More 2024 Election Meddling from the Globalists?

The big news of the week is that Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) is retiring from the US Senate next year, but this may not be what it looks like. The Atlantic magazine wrote a gigantic, 10,000-word article about Romney’s retirement [...]

September 14, 2023 News

THEY’RE ACTUALLY PROUD OF IT! Biden Official Brags About How Joe’s Open Border Policies Have Benefitted America

President Joe Biden’s border policies have allowed 7.2 million illegal aliens to invade America (that we know of) and crime and poverty rates are soaring across every city in the country as a result. Proving how out of touch he [...]

September 13, 2023 News