Thursday, February 29, 2024
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NYC Mayor Admits Sanctuary City Laws are Getting Americans KILLED, Asks Democrats to Repeal Law

After a slew of recent murders have seen illegal aliens killing innocent Americans in sanctuary cities, even the Democrats are admitting something HAS TO change. The laws associated with sanctuary cities have made it so that even when an illegal [...]

February 28, 2024 News

Joe Biden CAUGHT Rigging 2024 Election by Unleashing “Democrat Operative” in Political Persecution Campaign

The Biden Regime has just been caught in a massive scandal involving Fulton County DA Fani Willis which suggests the Regime has interfered in the 2024 election in a big way. According to powerful sources close to the DA’s office, [...]

February 27, 2024 News

Barack Obama Started an Illegal “Shadow War” with Russia in Ukraine 10 Years Ago – And We’re All STILL Being Forced to Pay for It

From the very start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict the U.S. government’s obsession with supporting the Ukrainian war effort has been bizarre to say the least, making it clear the American interest in the conflict is about far more than “preserving [...]

February 27, 2024 News

Leftwing Reporter Arrested for Hacking and Leaking Tucker Carlson Clips

A leftwing reporter from Tampa, FL, has been arrested on 14 counts of hacking and disseminating stolen materials online in 2023. Prosecutors say that Tim Burke, a former editor for leftist publications like Vox, is the person who stole and [...]

February 23, 2024 News
Fighting Fire with Dynamite, Lara Trump Reveals the Democrat Election Trick the Trump Campaign Plans to Use to Win in November

Fighting Fire with Dynamite, Lara Trump Reveals the Democrat Election Trick the Trump Campaign Plans to Use to Win in November

After the Democrats shamelessly installed a bumbling old man as president in 2020 we really have no reason to think they won’t do it again, so the only way to beat them is by using their own tricks against them. [...]

February 23, 2024 News

OOPS! IRS Insider Reveals Tax Agency is Violating American’s Constitutional Rights by SPYING On Them

When Joe Biden and the Democrats enlisted 87,000 new armed enforcement goons to join the IRS many conservatives feared just how dangerous this could get – and those fears have just been completely validated. O’Keefe Media Group (OMG), known for [...]

February 22, 2024 News

Corrupt Democrat Spends $2.1 Million in Campaign Funds on Lavish Gifts, Childcare, and International Travel

There’s no doubt at this point that the Democrats are blatantly doing everything in their power to destroy America, but of course, that’s not stopping them from getting RICH while doing it! Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell has been one of [...]

February 21, 2024 News

CDC Finally Releases V-Safe Data on COVID Shots Three Years Later

When the COVID shots were first given under an emergency use authorization in 2021, the CDC set up a database where people could self-report their experience with this experimental medicine. It was called V-safe. The system was supposed to be [...]

February 20, 2024 News

Landmark Legal Case Forces Maine to Make Their Voter Rolls Public

Dirty voter rolls are the absolute worst thing about our elections in America, especially when combined with mass mail-in voting. It’s how the 2020 election was stolen from President Donald Trump. Democrats know that dirty rolls and mail-in voting provide [...]

February 19, 2024 News

Americans Are Secretly Being Forced to Fund the Army of Illegal Invaders at the Southern Border

Make no mistake about it, America is experiencing a full-blown invasion on our southern border but what nobody is talking about is the fact that we the people are PAYING FOR IT. As millions of illegal immigrants continue to pour [...]

February 18, 2024 News