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The Elites Still Don’t Get That It’s Not About Donald Trump

Well, that was disappointing. In a 7-2 decision that supposedly involved a rare shouting match between John Roberts and Clarence Thomas, the US Supreme Court has ruled itself to be null and void. The court dismissed the Texas lawsuit against [...]

December 15, 2020 News

“The Big Guy” Joe Biden Started Covering His Tracks in November 2016

It’s tough to envision Joe Biden as some sort of criminal mastermind today. He got confused during an interview this past week and thought he was running against George W. Bush. He’s a doddering old fool that needs help opening [...]

October 30, 2020 News

Media Trying to Squelch Trump Momentum, But Failing Miserably

What an amazing time to be alive, to be an American, and to be witnessing an epic presidential election where the stakes could not be higher! Donald Trump has two rallies per day planned between now and Election Day. He [...]

October 27, 2020 News

How the Hermanator Paved the Way for Donald Trump

China has murdered Herman Cain. The 67-year-old cancer survivor succumbed to the Chinese bioweapon this week. Our condolences go out to his family at this time. “The Hermanator” led a remarkable life and we owe him a debt of gratitude [...]

July 30, 2020 News

Holy Cow! Ghislaine Maxwell is about to Not Kill Herself!

It was no surprise last week when rumors surfaced that Ghislaine Maxwell had been spotted hiding out in France. It’s notoriously hard to extradite anyone from the land of smelly cheese and surrendering. Lots of elite Democrats hide out there [...]

July 3, 2020 News

And Just Like That, Rioting Democrats Hand Trump Reelection

It was the perfect time to be wearing a mask in Minneapolis on the night of May 27, 2020. Wouldn’t want to catch a virus while you’re looting the Target store! Protesters were speaking out against the death of George [...]

May 28, 2020 News

ObamaGate Treasury Whistleblower: “This is Shady Stuff”

In our last update we started to unpack a whistleblower report from a former Treasury Department official who alleges that spying on candidate Donald Trump and other Americans kicked into high gear in December of 2015. If you missed that [...]

May 21, 2020 News

Reporter Unearths Papadopoulos Collusion Transcript

The slow drip of factual information surrounding the FBI’s frame-up job against the 2016 Trump campaign continues. Unfortunately, none of the information slowly coming out is coming from Attorney General Bill Barr or the Department of Justice. They’re busy or [...]

April 9, 2020 News

Facebook Shoots a Hole in George Soros’ Conspiracy Theory

It seems like it was just a couple of weeks ago that billionaire nation-wrecker socialist George Soros penned a zany conspiracy theory in the New York Times about the “friendship” between Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and President Donald Trump. That [...]

March 6, 2020 News

Based on Elite Polling, Media Calls 2020 Election Results Just a Bit Early

The Make America Great Again experiment was fun while it lasted. Unfortunately, Donald Trump just lost his 2020 reelection bid. It’s all over. Joe Biden won. At least, that’s according to “Pollnado,” the event when the mainstream media discovered a [...]

April 26, 2019 News