Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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The Unvaxed Amish Had 23 Times FEWER Covid Deaths Than Their Neighbors

Many people, including former President Trump, have claimed that the COVID “mitigation measures” and the vaccines have saved “millions of lives.” Is this true? In order to verify or falsify that claim, we would need a control group that consists [...]

May 29, 2023 News

WHO Warns of Sudden Increase in Myocarditis Among Newborns – Sparking Fears Jabbed Up Moms are the Cause

A rather disturbing new phenomenon has been occurring in newborn children and the COVID vaccines could be to blame. There has been a SIGNIFICANT increase in cases of “severe myocarditis” among newborns, and what’s even worse is you KNOW things [...]

May 26, 2023 News

The FBI Has the J6 Pipe Bomber’s License Plate Number But Hasn’t Arrested Him

Stuart Rhodes, the founder of Oath Keepers, was just sentenced to 18 years in federal prison for going to the US Capitol on January 6. He committed no violence, and he did not carry a gun to the fake “insurrection.” [...]

May 26, 2023 News

IRS Points Finger at DOJ – Reveals AG Merrick Garland Has Been Silencing Whistleblowers for Biden

After an IRS whistleblower was punished for revealing political favoritism playing a major role in the DOJ’s probe of Hunter Biden there has been a lot of talk about how this proves furthermore that the Biden Administration is corrupt, and [...]

May 26, 2023 News

Biden Regime Hit with MASSIVE Lawsuit Exposing their Efforts to Suppress Adverse Reactions to COVID Vax

The tyrannical Biden regime is facing a major lawsuit related to COVID vaccine injuries and it could set the tone for MANY more to come! Brianne Dressen is a woman who suffered severe nerve damage after receiving the COVID jab [...]

May 24, 2023 News

Biden DOJ Closed Investigation into the Clintons – DESTROYED Any Evidence

As we learn more about what this Biden government has been doing behind closed doors for the last couple of years, it turns out they’re even MORE corrupt than we could have ever thought – if you can imagine that. [...]

May 23, 2023 News

Chris Christie is Running, So the 2024 GOP Primary Field Just Got a Lot Bigger

As if anyone can still remember him, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is about to announce that he is entering the 2024 GOP primary. This is great news! The more losers and has-beens and irrelevancies that enter the race, [...]

May 22, 2023 News

Florida Surgeon General Goes Scorched Earth on the CDC Over COVID Vaccine Lies

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Lapado has sent a blistering letter to the CDC and the FDA, challenging the so-called “health authorities” in this country to answer some key questions about the mRNA COVID shots. Now that we have a couple [...]

May 19, 2023 News

New Evidence Shows Media Lies about Ventilators Killed COVID Patients in 2020

The lying media used every opportunity to criticize President Donald Trump in 2020, to the point where COVID hysteria got people killed. One of the lies they told was that Trump wasn’t providing enough ventilators. An associated lie was that [...]

May 19, 2023 News

Trump Agrees: It’s Time for the GOP to “Lean into” Ballot Harvesting

A few months ago, we noted that ballots are what wins elections in many swing states where 2020 was stolen from us. Ballots—not votes. The GOP either needs to embrace every ballot gathering tactic that the left employs in 2024, [...]

May 18, 2023 News