Saturday, February 27, 2021
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Kamala’s 10-Year Plan in Jeopardy as Biden’s Mental Decline Accelerates

Kamala Harris’s personal fantasy of a 10-year presidency appears to be on the rocks. When dementia accelerates in an elderly person, there’s only so much you can do to hide it from the public. Even the most ardent Biden bootlickers [...]

February 26, 2021 News

Trump Left the Democrat Party Much Weaker Than Anyone Realizes

America’s real president – Donald John Trump – left the Democrat Party in shambles. They are in much, much worse shape than any of us probably expected. This wasn’t obvious at first after Joe Biden was sworn in, because the [...]

February 25, 2021 News

Here Comes Trump Again – Get Ready for Fireworks

Donald Trump is set to reemerge after a one-month exile to Mar a Lago. He’ll be speaking on February 28 at CPAC, in what is no doubt going to be one of the most-watched events of the year. That’s assuming [...]

February 23, 2021 News

After Impeachment Fails, Democrats Throw Kitchen Sink at Donald Trump

Out of the roughly 750 Democrats who ran for president in 2020, John Delaney was the very first one to declare his candidacy. That was a full 1,100 days before the election. Given that presidential elections keep starting earlier and [...]

February 19, 2021 News

Trump Said It Best: Rush Limbaugh is Irreplaceable

You’ve probably seen a few dozen cliches by the time you’ll read this, along the lines of “The golden microphone has gone silent,” to “The talent on loan from God has been returned.” Tributes to Rush Limbaugh are pouring in [...]

February 18, 2021 News

Impeachment Fails & Americans Celebrate the Real President on President’s Day

Despite the cold snap going on across the country right now, thousands of patriotic Americans turned out in West Palm Beach, Florida on President’s Day. They had good reasons to do so. They were celebrating the real President of the [...]

February 16, 2021 News

What a President: Donald Trump Defeated Communism in Cuba

Here’s a tidbit of news that the press in America wouldn’t dare touch. The BBC is reporting that the communist regime in Cuba is pretty much admitting defeat on the whole communism thing. And it’s Donald Trump’s fault. Ha! While [...]

February 12, 2021 News

If You Think Joe Biden’s Unfit, Check Out the Democrats’ Impeachment Trial!

Well, I did it. I hadn’t planned on watching any of the Democrats’ second impeachment farce against Donald Trump. The trial sounds about as intellectually insulting as a Jeep Super Bowl commercial, just with slightly better music. At least the [...]

February 11, 2021 News

Notorious MTG Fallout: Democrats are Going to Regret Upsetting 200+ Years of Precedent

We just went through a pretty hilarious weekend, when all of the Democrat political strategists across the country just realized the incredible blunder that the Democrat Party made. By following George Soros’ marching orders and upsetting 200+ years of precedent [...]

February 9, 2021 News

California Governor Newsom Recall WILL Happen

The once unthinkable has now become reality—California’s Governor Newsome is less than 100,000 signatures away from a recall. The petition has until March 17 to collect the remaining signatures, nearly guaranteeing the recall effort will proceed. The goal of the [...]

February 5, 2021 News