How to Have a Million People
Each Send YOU
One Lousy Dollar.

Legally. Ethically. Quickly. Cost-Free.

            Wednesday, 11:14 a.m.

            Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,


            Gaining or losing a buck won’t make a difference to your life or anyone else’s, but a million people each sending YOU a buck?


Why would they do that and how? Please let me explain and PROVE the super-simple home business blueprint that changed my life…


     I know this may sound a bit shady, but please be assured:


This is NOT a chain-letter, lottery, sweepstake, trading system, property system, multi-level marketing, gambling system, or anything similar or anything illegal. In fact, I virtually guarantee you will NEVER have heard of this!


            May I explain further?


The Gigantic Funnel into Your Bank Account


            You know that the average person will happily slap a buck down to play the lottery with a slim chance of getting anything in return, right?


            So, don’t you think people would mind parting with a single lousy dollar in return for something that would save them hundreds of dollars?


            And why can’t YOU be the one to collect all those checks for one dollar each?


            Please spend a few quiet minutes here with me and I’ll explain how you could make this dream a reality with absolutely NO DOWNSIDE or RISK…!


Suspend your skepticism and be open to a
world you never knew existed...


            My name is Mark Patricks and I’ve made MILLIONS from a very simple principle. A numbers game. An honest exchange where both parties (me and the person sending me a buck) is happy. Don’t worry, I’m not asking you for a buck so you can then ask for a buck and on it goes down the line; that is a chain letter and that’s NOT what I’m doing (because I like my home and would rather not switch it for a prison cell).


            I’ll put this in a nutshell because I know you’re dying to know what this is about!


            I’ve made MILLIONS by offering something a lot of people want, for a very low price. What I’d like to do is give you a way to copy me and quickly set all this up so it works on autopilot while you sleep.


            Sound good?


Okay, let’s put some numbers to this because I know you’re skeptical. Here are some recent examples of my earnings…



            And that was BEFORE I had the incredible new ‘accelerator tool’ I’m telling you about here….


            Thanks to the Internet, doing what I did to make all that cash just became a LOT simpler. Better still, it can now be done absolutely FREE of charge. You see, I also had to spend a fair bit on promotion to make that money.


            So now I’ve mentioned “Internet”, let me explain what this is NOT:

1. This is NOT trying to get high rankings in search engines like Google. Way too much like hard work for me, and a lot of technical savvy required too!

This is NOT spending loads of money on Internet advertising (this is cost-free, remember?).

This is NOT spamming people by sending out millions of emails (we’re not selling Viagra!).


I just tested this new, powerful, and COST-FREE method for doing what I do and it worked like a charm!


This is TOTALLY NEW, you won’t have
heard of this way of making money before
and hardly anyone else knows about it.

       So forget Amazon, forget eBay. It’s not gambling or trading or… well I could go on for pages because it’s NOTHING like you’ve seen before, I can promise you.

       Now I can dip into the money pile any time I feel like it. This is totally legal (but it probably shouldn’t be!) and it really takes almost no effort at all.

All you need to copy me and make embarrassingly fast and easy cash is one crucial piece of ‘code’… I call it 140 Code.

    It’ll just take you a brief moment to learn what the code can do for you. And not much more time to start generating extra cash from it.


Then you can relax. Spend time with your family and friends…


Travel the world in style…


Do WHATEVER you want to do, other than work! Let’s face it most jobs don’t create anything worthwhile or help people very much – and they don’t even make decent money. There’s nothing sacrosanct (or even necessary!) about ‘having a job’.


Let me describe the sort of life you could soon be living…

Another Day on Easy Street

       It’s another free and easy start to the day…


       A little earlier I polished off some fresh grapefruit and moved to the conservatory to sit down for ‘work’. Here I am, 5 minutes later, just beginning this letter to you - and I’ve already finished my workday! After lunch, if I’m feeling really keen I might do some overtime and put in another 5 minutes. Then perhaps before bed I may log a couple more minutes just to cap off the day. And that’s on a BUSY day!


But the best part is… when I wake up tomorrow morning and check my bank account, I’ll likely be richer than I am right now.

All for less than what… 12 minutes work? AT MOST! Many days it’s more like 5. Could you handle this lifestyle?

      I realize I may sound a bit arrogant telling you all this… most likely while you’re chained to your desk at some dead end, corporate work camp (you can tell what I think of ‘normal’ jobs!). But really, I’m not trying to impress you, because you could enjoy this life too - by this time NEXT WEEK if you want it! Just join me and claim YOUR share of the cash.


AND without getting ground down by a lot of technical, geeky, complicated, computer stuff (which I don’t understand a word of).


In fact, this is perfect for you if you’re turned off by all that…!


Your PROVEN Escape Route to Financial Freedom

What would you do with this kind of surplus cash? What if next week you could fire your boss and were making double the average salary for doing next to nothing?


You see, I don’t believe that life is about being a slave to the system. It’s crazy to sacrifice 40+ hours of your time each week in drudgery just to pay the bills. Okay, maybe for a year or two, but for FORTY YEARS OR MORE? Come on!


I wanted ‘out’ of all that and so I tried everything that came my way. I sold stuff on eBay, sold books on Amazon, tried 4 different stock trading schemes, backed horses using ‘sure-fire’ systems (ha ha), had a bash at selling information products on line… um… what else? Oh yes, a bit of MLM, car booting, my own market stall, arbitrage betting, currency trading, affiliate marketing… I’m sure I’ve missed a few. Some I lost money on, some made a few buck but when I added up the return, I was effectively working for minimum wage.


Does any of this sound familiar? And those are just the things I’ve tried on the side.


Well today I have a guaranteed ‘home employment’ that I love. And it’s all thanks to a wealth-building method that I totally believe in.


It doesn’t get better than that.


Isn’t it time you started to do things differently and changed your life for the better - before it’s too late…?

Quite Simply 140 Code is the Easiest Way I’ve Ever Made Money in my Entire Life!


And that’s why I’m so excited to share it with you today. Because I know that you’re flat-out SICK of slaving every day for less money than you’re worth, just like I was.


(By the way, it makes no difference to my own profits revealing this to you - there’s so much cash sloshing around this money-pot, it won’t make any difference to me!)


The key to unlocking the raw power of 140 Code is just a mouse click away. In fact chances are if you’ve been online recently, you’ve probably overlooked it several times already.


This simple ‘code’ is the key to tapping into a treasure-trove! There’s plenty for everyone so why not join the party?


Here’s why this is works so well…


As any smart entrepreneur will tell you, the easiest, lowest risk venture is one where you profit from what’s already highly popular; NOT one where you’re trying to test something unproven in the market. That’s why I’m going with the flow… of cash!

Here’s How to Get the Code Working For You…

By typing 140 Code into a special web site, I’m banking unbelievable amounts of money.


Just by dipping my toe in to test out my new method of making millions, I made $2,035. Now my blueprint has worked, I’m going to ramp this up and do what I’ve been making millions from only now it’s FREE!


And that kind of money isn’t a one-time fluke either. In fact, that $2,035 was just one amount from an amazing 4-day money-making spree I went on.


Check it out (and remember, this was just a little test-run)…


Saturday 2/13/2010 - $1,011.95:  A lot of people would rather go out and spend their week’s paycheck on a Saturday. Shopping, eating out, taking care of car or house repairs… well instead of watching my bank account shrink on this Saturday – instead I put in a couple minutes in on the 140 Code and grew it by over $1,000. 

Sunday 2/14/2010 - $1,011.95: In fact, I was so happy with what I did the day before, I went ahead and decided to turn the “day of rest” into the “day of cash” and make another $1,011 before the work week even started! Needless to say, my wife and I went out and enjoyed a fantastic Valentine’s Day date that night, knowing that the whole thing was already paid for 10 times over!

Monday 2/15/2010 - $3,035.85: Now here’s how you start off a week!  Just like I mentioned, $3,035 for just a few minutes worth of work.  I can’t believe that I’ve already made in one day what most people don’t net in a month… Who says Mondays are the worst?

Tuesday 2/16/2010 - $2,023.95: Now this is just getting crazy.  Over $2,000 more today.  Simply by logging in and using the “140 Code” to my financial advantage.   To be honest, I spent most of this day on the beach with a picnic lunch and a good book.   Is there any better way to be making money than this?

Wednesday 2/17/2010 Screw it, I’ll take the rest of the week off!


Do the sums and you’ll see that over a 4-day period I raked-in $5,126.25, for less
 than HALF a day’s work!!!


Wouldn’t you like to do this too? You can! Honestly, I wouldn’t be wasting your time with this letter if I didn’t believe you could copy this exactly.


You don’t need business connections or a university degree. You don’t need start-up capital or a team of expensive employees either. You can make this happen with nothing more than a computer, a thirst for wealth and a few minutes to spare each evening.


 “But what about money to get started? Some of these systems cost thousands.”


How much will this cost you? VIRTUALLY NOTHING… that’s the best part about unleashing the power of 140 Code for yourself. It won’t cost you more than the price of a modest meal for two. But the returns are outstanding.


Once you have paid the small amount I’d like for 140 Code, the rest is free. There’s NOTHING more to pay ever again. And yet its power is almost limitless and you can use it as many times as you like. No royalties. No fees. No share of the profit going elsewhere.


You keep every last penny you make and you have NO costs (okay maybe a tiny bit of extra electricity to run the PC for five minutes.)


You’re essentially adding a second income to your life, without having to shell-out a penny to maintain it. Surely it doesn’t get better than this? Before now I’ve spent $3,000 up-front on (say) a trading system and then they’ve demanded $97 a month ‘maintenance fee’ on top!


In short, 140 Code will cost you very little and there’s nothing else to pay, ever.


Are you starting to realize what this can do for you and your family?


Let’s Make This Happen For YOU!

       Look, I could sit here all day telling you how much money you’ll make by harnessing this secret code. The point of this letter is to make sure you get YOUR piece of the pie!


I know, I know, you’re probably thinking:


“I have no idea what this is all about!”


Let me put your mind at ease right away…


First of all – when this amazing wealth building tool first came to my attention I was so out of the loop I nearly missed it. But once I saw the potential and figured out how to get the code bringing money into my account, it was remarkably easy to use. Now you can join me. I have put down my exact step-by-step instructions into some discs you just pop in your computer I’d like to rush to you called “The 140 Code Wealth System”.


Believe me, you’ll be making money within a few days of receiving it.


Now I’m sure you’re dying to know EXACTLY what 140 Code is, and I don’t blame you. The problem is I dare not reveal it in this open letter. I can only reveal it in the private package I’d like to send you today (with your permission).


The reason is this: If I were to blurt out the secret in this open letter, people would immediately see the potential, blunder online without any guidance, grab themselves fists full of cash and mess it up for everyone else. Although there is plenty of cash here, you have to be a bit subtle about how you extract it (I’ll show you how) and so I want to limit this to a modest number of sensible people.


For that reason, I’m not prepared to disclose the private details of 140 Code here, where anyone can read it. But don’t worry, I’ve thought of a way of letting you get hold of 140 Code without risking a penny, so please don’t be concerned.


What I will send you is completely ‘stand alone’. You don’t need anything other than a PC, Internet connection and a desire to make fast cash from home.


Look, I’m not going to guarantee you a million people sending you a buck each, but with no downside, even if ‘only’ a hundred thousand people send you a buck, would that change your life? I mean, there’s so little work involved, even if ten thousand people sent you a buck it’d be worth it!


            And by the same token, you could make MORE than a million…

This Could be HUGE For You!

       There’s a certain magic about making a fantastic living with 140 Code but it also has the potential to ‘go viral’. In other words, the power of word-of-mouth could make you into a multi-million dollar business!


You see, 140 Code allows us access to millions and millions of people for FREE, and when you’re offering something they’d all like for a lousy buck… well, you do the math.


140 Code could be that winning lottery ticket you’ve been waiting for. Don’t throw it away! I’m talking ‘winnings’ ON TOP OF the regular $5k a month I’ve been talking about, of course.


This is surely what you’ve been searching for. It was certainly exactly what I wanted and it’s done me proud.


So okay, I’m sure at this point you’re dying to know - how do you get started?


Answer: With a compact and simple-to-understand guide that I’ve prepared for you called:

“The Code 140 Wealth System”


Here’s what to do when you receive your private package:


STEP ONE: Follow my simple instructions and set this up right ‘out of the box’!


STEP TWO: Type in the 140 Code. I’ll explain in your kit exactly how to do this.


STEP THREE: Sit back and watch the money pour in.


I’ll not only rush you a comprehensive 1-2-3 step guide, I’ll also add a step-by-step video which I’ve created for you.


So you can put your feet up, sip a drink, and watch as I walk you through the whole thing. It’s really incredibly easy and you’ll ‘get’ this within half an hour of tearing open the package.


The visual format and the simple manual will help you learn quickly and take control of 140 Code in record time.


I’ve gone to great lengths to make sure this process is as simple and fast as possible. Because after all who wants to wait to make money?


Which brings me to my next point…

How Much is Your Freedom Worth?

       Have you ever taken a step back to look at how you live and asked if it’s what you really want?


Financial Freedom awaits…

Do you have the money and freedom to spend time on what’s really important?

      The clock is running. We can’t pause time. What we do with our years is what matters and sooner or later you have to make a stand… you have to do something different if you want different results.

      Life doesn’t have to be a pointless struggle to pay the bills - it can all change for the better when you embrace the power of
140 Code.


Why not join me in this easy money-spinner?

Try Not to Faint When I Tell You This…

        Given the insane amount of money we both can make using
140 Code I could probably get away with charging upwards of $1,000 for “The 140 Code Wealth System”.


To be honest, I know that kind of price tag would turn most people off (many times I’ve paid 3x that amount for something that made one tenth of the money this does). I’m making so much money with 140 Code I really can get away with charging less than that… a LOT less.


But when my publisher suggested we charge just $249 for the system, I still felt a little uneasy. I know that a lot of people are skeptical of this new and unprecedented way of making money. And because I can’t reveal the precise code in this open letter, I didn’t want to ask you for that amount when you’ve not yet proven this for yourself.


I told them: “It’s going to take a great price for them to give it a shot, but once they do, I’m positive they’ll be astonished by the easy cash they’ll make.”


So that’s why today I’m offering you this at the stupidly low price of just $97 for the complete “140 Code Wealth System”.


No, there’s no misprint there. No wrongly placed decimal point! That’s ALL I want and that’s ALL you pay, now or ever for this amazing system. Even if you use it for the next five years (as I intend to) there’s still nothing more to pay.

And with the wealth potential involved here, this could absolutely change your life.

Let’s Ride the Wave Together!


Rest assured, the manual is a delight to read and the video is short and easy to follow. The information contained in both will turn you into a 140 Code pro in no time flat.


And again, ALL of this will cost you only a modest $97.


Despite the low price and the amazing advantages of 140 Code, I do understand you may not be sure if this is for you. I respect that. But I’m so confident this system will do what I claim, I want you to take a look without any risk to yourself. Yes, I’m backing it with a full guarantee. If using 140 Code doesn’t deliver what I promise or more…


Or if you don’t make money (highly unlikely)…


Try this out at OUR RISK!

I just know you’re going to be blown away by the sheer quality of The 140 Code Wealth System. But I fully understand you may need some reassurance. So please examine ‘The 140 Code Wealth System’ for a full 30 days from receipt. If you are not 100% convinced that this could work for you, simply send it back (in any condition) and receive an immediate full, no-quibble refund of your purchase price, less shipping. .

Isn’t it Time You Started

Making More For Doing Less?

       Whether you’re worried about money or not, chances are you feel you should have more of it, right? A safety net, at least.


What I’m offering you is an opportunity to add a second, serious income to your account whilst doing nothing more than lifting a few fingers.


More money… less work… which of those ISN’T worth checking out at MY RISK?


Yes, you risk nothing by giving “The 140 Code Wealth System” a fair try. You’ve got 30 days to test it out… and a new, wealthier way of life there for the taking.


Simply CLICK HERE to reserve your limited edition kit using our 100% safe and secure system and steer your life in an exciting new direction!






P.S. As soon as you use 140 Code you’ll be smiling as the entire world of Internet users could all be paying you a fat salary while you sit back. You can use this ‘secret’ code to legally ride the wave all the way to financial freedom.


P.P.S. Whatever money goals you have, this simple system can help you realize a large monthly income. And who knows, your account may even ‘go viral’ and become your winning lottery ticket…!


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