Saturday, November 27, 2021
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Two Americans Kidnapped by Cartel Members Near Southern Border

Two American citizens were reportedly kidnapped by Mexican cartel member in Mexico near the border of Texas earlier this month, according to Breitbart News. The kidnapping took place on Nov. 3, yet is just now spreading as news of Mexican [...]

November 16, 2021 News

Most Americans Can’t Imagine How Deeply the Drug Cartels Have Infiltrated Us

A Justice of the Peace was just arrested by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in Starr County, Texas, on charges of assisting a Mexican drug cartel in moving toxic poisonous drugs into the USA. While many Americans are aware of [...]

September 17, 2021 News

New Report Reveals States that Voted for Biden Lost Far More Jobs Than Trump States

States that voted for President Joe Biden in 2020 election lost far more jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic over the past year, according to a new report. “Between February and December of last year, states that went for Biden saw [...]

May 6, 2021 News

Illegal Alien Sex Offenders Released Thanks to Biden’s New Orders

At least two known sex offenders have been released in Texas after President Joe Biden’s sanctuary country orders, according to News 4 in San Antonio. Aristides Jimenez, the former agent in-charge of South Texas Homeland Security Investigations, told the outlet, [...]

May 4, 2021 News

Conservative States Pick Up Five New Seats in Congress

Seven new seats have been announced in Congress following the 2020 Census. Conservatives states picked up five of the seats, while Democrat-led states picked up two. Texas scored the biggest win with two new seats. North Carolina, Florida and Montana [...]

April 27, 2021 News

Why Do So Many Republicans Have Stockholm Syndrome Over COVID?

In a baffling display of stupidity, rightwing publications across the internet are praising Texas Gov. Greg Abbott today for ending the COVID lockdowns and mask mandates in his state. When Republican leaders display moral cowardice and act just like Democrats, [...]

March 4, 2021 News

The Elites Still Don’t Get That It’s Not About Donald Trump

Well, that was disappointing. In a 7-2 decision that supposedly involved a rare shouting match between John Roberts and Clarence Thomas, the US Supreme Court has ruled itself to be null and void. The court dismissed the Texas lawsuit against [...]

December 15, 2020 News

Democrats Not Sending Their Best to Argue Most Important Case in History

Texas v. PA, WI, MI, GA is the most important Supreme Court Case that America has seen in our nation’s recent history. On the surface, the high court will be deciding whether the four defendant states violated the Constitution by [...]

December 11, 2020 News

States React to the U.N.’s Refugee Resettlement Plan for America

The mainstream media wants us all to remain focused on the most important country in the world (suddenly), which as everyone with a television knows today is Iran. As usual, President Donald J. Trump isn’t falling for that. His laser-like [...]

January 14, 2020 News