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Why Trump Has 2020 in the Bag: The Black Non-Vote

I’ve been making election predictions professionally for close to 30 years now, and in all that time, there are only a handful of races I’ve gotten wrong. All of those were House races in states where I was unable to [...]

October 16, 2020 News

Joe Biden Threatens War with Allied Nations Over Global Warming

Most of us were so taken aback by Joe Biden’s Green New Deal flip-flopping in the debate that we totally missed him attacking America’s allies over global warming. But our allies caught it – and now they’re mad. Brazil’s MAGA [...]

October 15, 2020 News

Is Biden Really Up by a Gajillion Points? He Doesn’t Seem to Think So

The mainstream media is running its usual con-game on the American people right before a presidential election. The Democrat is up by a zillion points! It’s curtains for Big Orange! Why, Joe Biden has such a sizeable lead that all [...]

October 9, 2020 News

Here’s How Joe Biden is Cheating (And It’s Not a Teleprompter)

Color me surprised. I’ve been predicting for months now that Joe Biden would bail out on the debates, due to his inability to string two sentences together without a teleprompter. But it now looks like Biden will attend the first [...]

September 25, 2020 News

Russia Again?? FBI Director is a Dangerous Never-Trump Idealogue

FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before the House Homeland Security Committee this week. After Wray’s dinner theatre performance, it’s easy to see why the rest of the Trump administration has basically sidelined the FBI as an inconsequential joke. From top [...]

September 18, 2020 News

Did a Secret Service Agent Shove Joe Biden Over a Sexual Assault?

Did former Vice President Joe Biden get into an altercation with a Secret Service agent in 2009 over an incident with that agent’s girlfriend? That’s the blockbuster allegation that has come to light this week, and it deserves serious attention. [...]

September 4, 2020 News

Democrats Prepping to Destroy Electoral College, Install “President Pelosi” as Part of Biden Battle Plan

Stock up on food, bullets, water and guns, because the Democrat Party is on a kamikaze mission in 2020. The upcoming election is “do or die” as far as they are concerned, with you and the US Constitution doing the [...]

September 3, 2020 News

The Democrats Are Not a Party That Looks Intent on Winning

There’s a freight train of excitement barreling down on America right now – and its conductor’s name is Joe Biden! Well… maybe it’s not that exciting. There seems to be an enthusiasm gap that the Democrats are suffering from this [...]

August 25, 2020 News

The Insane Garbage the Media Didn’t Show You at the DNC

President Trump pulled off the most epic trolling event of any political campaign in American history on Thursday night, right as Joe Biden was accepting his insane party’s nomination. And I’m not just talking about Trump’s concurrent speech, which was [...]

August 21, 2020 News

What Swing Voters Are Saying About Trump and Joe Biden

Election watchers always pay attention to swing voters in years like this, because they can make a difference in the outcome in November. It’s hard to predict how these indecisive people who don’t pay that much attention to politics are [...]

August 20, 2020 News