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Impeachment Witness Finally Admits Out Loud That Russia Collusion Was a Hoax

It feels kind of like beating a dead horse at this point to talk about the Russia collusion hoax. Everyone reading this knows that it’s a hoax by now. But it’s remarkable to see many of the lower-tier operators who [...]

December 13, 2021 News

Did These 3 Trump Betrayers Take Cash from George Soros?

Even though this week’s news was dominated by the Derek Chauvin verdict and the Columbus, Ohio police shooting, there was one other bit of news that helped to fill some airtime. Three familiar names from Donald Trump’s time in office [...]

April 23, 2021 News

Trump Is Right Not to Trust Fox News

Most of us have intuitively understood that while Fox News does offer some diversity of thought on its programming, the network as a whole is not to be trusted. Many of the network’s news anchors and reporters, and some of [...]

September 17, 2020 News

The Taliban Are More Honest Than the Trump-Hating Media

President Donald Trump ran on a promise to bring the troops home and he has been doing exactly that. For defying the foreign policy wonks yet again and not doing what the “experts” think he should do, Trump is being [...]

July 7, 2020 News

Epic: Everyday Citizens Show How Easy It Is to Stop a Soros Mob

Does everyone realize that the mobs will come for us if we don’t stand up to them? If they cannot stand the sight of depictions of historical people, such as statues, paintings or their very names being printed on buildings, [...]

June 12, 2020 News

Facebook Shoots a Hole in George Soros’ Conspiracy Theory

It seems like it was just a couple of weeks ago that billionaire nation-wrecker socialist George Soros penned a zany conspiracy theory in the New York Times about the “friendship” between Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and President Donald Trump. That [...]

March 6, 2020 News