Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Audit Observers: Boxes of Ballots Were Clearly Counterfeited for Biden

All of the 1,500 citizen volunteers who helped with the Maricopa County, Arizona forensic election audit were required to sign strict Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). An NDA forbids a person from talking to others and especially to the media until a [...]

October 1, 2021 News

Audit Results: The Deafening Silence of the Cowards in the GOP

I don’t know if I even have the words to describe my disgust for many elected Republicans in Congress and the RNC right now. Friday was a big day. It was THE day. You know it and I know it. [...]

September 28, 2021 News

Tsunami of State Delegations Visit Maricopa County Audit

The mainstream media seems to have at least one mole inside the Maricopa County, Arizona audit. That’s the only explanation that makes sense as to why so many “damage control” articles were published about the audit last week, before the [...]

June 11, 2021 News

Sleep Well, Democrats, Because the Georgia Audit is Next

Multiple states are sending entourages to Maricopa County, Arizona this week to observe the historic first-of-its-kind forensic audit of a presidential election. A group from the Georgia legislature is on the ground in Arizona as I’m typing this. OAN News [...]

June 8, 2021 News

GOP Rep Weighs in on Maricopa Audit – Has He Heard Something?

The Maricopa County, Arizona audit is back on track after auditors had to vacate the arena for a short time to account for some high school graduations or other events. The auditors just hit a milestone by crossing the 50% [...]

June 3, 2021 News

Trump Responds to Epic New Hampshire Audit Discovery

The auditors in Maricopa County, Arizona are back to work this week. They had to vacate the building for a few days for some high school graduations, but now they’re back at it. In Fulton County, Georgia, where the magic [...]

May 25, 2021 News

Dems Bring Out the Big Russian Collusion Guns to Stop Audits

The day after the Arizona state senate voted to conduct an audit of “You Know, The Thing,” the Maricopa County election board held an emergency meeting. They’re running out of options for hiding the ballots any longer. They’ve lost a [...]

April 9, 2021 News

Some Audit of Something Happening in Arizona – No Big Deal Probably

Nothing to see here! Move along! “The 2020 election was the most secure election in US history.” Donald Trump lost all of his court challenges over the election. Banish him – and anyone who still believes there were any anomalies [...]

April 1, 2021 News

Arizona Supreme Court to Hear Election Challenge After Sample Finds Fraudulent Votes for Biden

Following a dismissal at the lower court level, the Arizona Supreme Court has agreed to hear the election challenge by Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward regarding mail-in ballots in Maricopa County. 1.9 million Arizona absentee ballots came in across the [...]

December 8, 2020 News