Saturday, September 18, 2021
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When’s the Last Time the Person in the Oval Office Was Hated This Much?

I’ve been trying to remember a time in my life when so many Americans held so much contempt and anger for an American leader. Speaking personally, I can remember Gerald Ford’s presidency – very vaguely – from my childhood years. [...]

September 9, 2021 News

Guess Who Foreign Leaders Are Calling to Complain about Joe Biden?

Joe Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal has enraged all of America’s NATO allies. For the first time in history, the British Parliament voted to hold a foreign ruler (Joe Biden) in contempt last week. Back in 1956 President Dwight Eisenhower literally [...]

September 3, 2021 News

Trump’s Afghanistan Ad is the Clearest Signal Yet He’s Running in 2024

Remember when the really smart people on the TV spent four years telling us that America’s demise was imminent because Donald Trump was in the White House? They told us endlessly that the stock market would tank, “Crazy” Trump would [...]

August 27, 2021 News

Former Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Says “Give Me Nine Men” to Take Care of Afghanistan Problem

Former Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill, the man who shot and killed 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden, said he has a solution to President Joe Biden’s evacuation problem in Afghanistan. During a Fox News interview this week, O’Neill bluntly said, “Give [...]

August 24, 2021 News

Brace Your Family for the Upcoming Afghan Refugee Crime Wave

Republicans and Democrats alike in Washington, DC are now calling for “millions” of Afghan refugees to be provided with safe harbor in the United States – preferably in your neighborhood – without bothering to check and see how the American [...]

August 20, 2021 News

President Trump Fulfills Another Campaign Promise: Ends the Endless Wars in the Middle East

There’s an old salesman tip that still applies today: Don’t talk yourself out of the sale. What it means is, stop selling when the customer says they want to buy. The longer your mouth flaps, the greater the likelihood that you’ll [...]

November 19, 2020 News