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To All Women Concerned About Money

Now is the Time to Reclaim Your Financial Independence”

Dear Reader,

Ever taken the time to think about what financial independence means to you?  If you need a little help, the “text book” definition is having enough income to pay your living expenses without working full time for basic necessities.

While that definition might suffice for many people, it’s not good enough for me and it shouldn’t be for you either. You see, true financial independence means being in complete control of your finances … not just today, but for years to come.

However, far too many women lack the knowledge and just as important, the confidence to make important financial decisions. So they leave it up to others.

But it’s time to change this … starting right now TODAY.

Something Brand New

I’d like to introduce you to a very special group of like-minded women sharing their financial expertise with the singular purpose of helping you build lasting wealth. This place is The Women’s Financial Alliance.

We don’t want you to ever have to rely on others to make ends meet … get approved for a car loan or mortgage … or make investment decisions on your behalf.

We WANT YOU to be in control of your money, whether that’s making everyday decisions like what bill to pay first or bigger financial ordeals such as knowing how much money to put aside for your retirement.

The unfortunate truth is that far too many women have become the financial puppets of other people.  Like Gayle, a WFA member who sent us this very personal letter. Gayle writes,

“First of all, I am excited about the Alliance. I am 55 and really just started paying attention for myself to a stock option I have. Learning to invest wisely is confusing and scary.

The definition of financial independence for me is to be able to live a good life and not be dependent on a man… more specifically, my husband.

My position was recently terminated and I found myself without a job. At that point my husband opened his own checking/savings account and had his direct deposits changed to this account (all without letting me know). Needless to say, this took me quite by surprise and shook me up a bit. I found myself responsible for “my portion” of the household bills with no job. Foolishly, I thought being married meant support no matter what.

I just want women to be financially independent on their own so if this situation or any other similar situation occurs, they won’t have any worries and they won’t miss a beat as their life goes on.

So again, thank you for creating this for women (and whomever they want to share it with). Looking forward to future issues!”

Unfortunately Gayle is not alone. Married women in particular rely on their spouse not only for money but also to design their family’s financial blueprint. Only 1 in 4 women say they have primary responsibility for their own money.

And younger women, those in the early to mid-20’s have tendencies to rely on financial help from family or friends.

Even career-minded women including top-level executives aren’t comfortable talking about money, whether it’s how much something costs, how much you earn, or where’s the best place to safely grow your money.

That’s because strong cultural taboos exist that for women, talking about money is “Not Allowed.”  Unfortunately these taboos hold women back from taking control of their personal financial well being.

You Might Already Be in Financial Danger

The sad truth is, when it comes to money, most women get limited education and support to deal with basic financial issues or problems.

Yet, women today face far different and greater financial challenges than their own mothers did just 20 or 30 years ago.

For example, how many of the following financial situations apply to you right now, or could easily apply to you in the near future:

  •  With more women graduating from college today – many have tens of thousands of dollars of school loans that need to be paid back.
  • Because of 2007 Great Recession, many households require BOTH partners to work full-time just to make ends meet.
  • As divorce rates climb, many women have to dramatically adjust their monthly budgets – even if they receive alimony payments.
  • More and more women face the numerous financial challenges of raising their children – even if they’re still receiving child support payments.
  • With people living longer than ever before, many women between the ages of 35-55 today are part of “The Sandwich Generation” who have to take care of their children and their aging parents, which can be emotionally and financially stressful.
  • Because women typically live longer than men today, they have to worry about how they will be provided for if their spouses die before they do.

Worst yet, we know women make less than men – about 77 cents to every dollar a man brings home. Over a lifetime, that can add up to $500,000 LESS in wages.

For many women, these lost wages can mean the difference between a comfortable retirement and spending your later years in poverty.

Start Your Own Financial Revolution


Hello, my name is Sandy Franks.

I’ve worked in the financial publishing business for 28 years.  I was the head of a company that had 150,000 readers in over 35 countries and a staff of 20 writers and financial analysts.

I’ve written two best-selling books on investing and economics including Barbarians of Oil and Barbarians of Wealth.

I’ve been a guest on TV and radio networks while also serving as a consistent resource for major news outlets such as USA Today, The Street Authority, CNBC and the IndyStar.

I’ve spent literally thousands of hours researching financial investments, either in an effort to debunk them or to prove that they are, indeed, worthy investments.

But for years now, I’ve become increasingly alarmed and concerned about what this negative cultural bias is doing to a woman’s sense of economic freedom and financial independence, not mention self-worth.

Too many women that I speak with have only a vague sense of what do with their money, let alone planning for retirement.

You Are Not Alone

Rather than write another book, or speak on another radio or TV show on the subject, I decided to do something completely different … something that could make a BIG difference in a woman’s life.

You could say I’m on a mission … a crusade to help women of all income levels and ages gain the courage, confidence and know-how to take control of their own financial futures.

So I started the Women’s Financial Alliance and I can tell you nothing else like it exists. Organizations like The Women’s Financial Alliance, with an all-female panel of experts and editorial board are rare.  It mostly happens in the world of fashion, cooking or lifestyle, but not in finance.

The Women’s Financial Alliance is a place you can turn to for advice on what to do with your money. We break down complex financial matters into everyday ways that make sense to you. We don’t come at you with facts and figures. Instead we show you how to use money to enrich your life and give you the financial freedom you desire…and deserve.

Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • How to find the hidden money in your paycheck. One simple change and presto an instant raise – without asking the boss.
  • 5 clever tips to lower your prescription cost. Slash hundreds…even a grand or more every year. That’s money that stays in your pocket.
  • Save hundreds in medical test expenses. Just go this website for easy price comparisons in your community.
  • Considering buying stock? Doesn’t cost you a penny but significantly reduces your risk of losing money. Brokers will never ask you if you want to buy your stock this way.
  • Stock markets looking wobbly? Quick! Move your money into this investment and double your return.
  • No time to be a coupon pro. 9 tricks to save hundreds of dollars at the grocery store – without clipping a single coupon.
  • Always pay the lowest price on any item. Easy phone app makes it a breeze.
  • 7 quick steps for making money in your pajamas.  Follow these steps and you’ll soon have a thriving home-based business.
  • Drawer full of unwanted makeup? Here’s how to turn it into money. Crazy, but it works.
  • How to avoid the nasty-financial side of divorce. Divorces are costly, but if you do this, you’ll retain more money for you and your children.
  • Simple motivational tip to keep you on course to meet your financial goals. Inexpensive, but really puts a smile on your face.
  • A budget is essential to making smart money decisions, right? Wrong! Throw out your budget and do this instead.
  • And so much more!

There’s an annoying perception that women don’t have what it takes or we are too dumb to understand anything that relates to finances and money.

But if there’s one thing I know is true, it’s that we are smart and we do have what it takes. It’s just that no one is paying attention to our needs. However, at The Women’s Financial Alliance we have the insight and deep understanding in presenting information in a way that relates to how women think about money.

Your Free Report

There’s so much more to tell you about the Alliance. The truth is, I could go on and on, but the very best thing is for you to see it for yourself.  That’s why today, I’m inviting you to join the Alliance at no cost or obligation.

It’s totally free and when you join, the first thing you’ll receive is our twice a week newsletter delivered straight to your inbox.  I’ll share with you everything I’ve learned over the past 28 years … the tips, strategies, techniques and secrets that will put you on the path to financial freedom.

But that’s not all. I’ll also send you a complimentary copy of our newest report on the best and easiest ways to quickly generate extra income without getting a second job or asking your boss for a raise. When I say easy, I mean it.  For example…

womens guide

  • One method is so easy, you’ll be shocked you didn’t think of it yourself yet it could generate anywhere from $1,200 to $3,000 extra a month.
  • You’ll also learn how to take advantage one of the fastest growing trends in online education … one that lets you turn your knowledge into money. Talk about easy … it doesn’t get any easier than this.
  • And you’ll also learn how to earn a steady and safe 9% return on your money without investing in the stock market, bonds, mutual fund or any of those other complicated or risky investments. Anyone can do this regardless of your income, age or experience.

All the details on each are in your free report – just go here now to claim your copy.

At the Women’s Financial Alliance, your financial future is important to us. Our ultimate goal is to see you reach your financial dreams.

How will we know if we’ve done our job properly? This will sound crazy, but we hope that when you reach a level of financial security and independence that lasts a lifetime, you’ll say good-bye to us.

For us, the best days are when we get letters saying, “I don’t need you anymore.” And while we take pride in that, we hope that you’ll take what you’ve learned from the Alliance and share it with another women so she too can enjoy financial independence.

Until then, I hope you’ll take advantage of this very special invitation to join a remarkable group of women.

To your financial wellbeing,

Sandy Franks

Founder, Women’s Financial Alliance

P.S. I can’t wait until you receive your free report so you can start earning extra money within a matter of few weeks.  Heck, in many instances, you could earn extra money within a few days. What’s more, each idea is designed knowing your days are filled taking care of the kids, your husband … or working 9-to-5.  You’ll be amazed at how easy you can put these ideas into action.

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